Franchise success stories: in their own words.

New Horizons is committed to franchising as a smart way to do business and grow business. We rely on our equally committed and enthusiastic franchisees to play a major role in our franchise system's success. Take a look at this sampling of our many success stories to get an idea of what to expect as a New Horizons franchise owner.

"Before deciding on New Horizons, I took a long hard look at the options. You invest in people, and the power of New Horizons is the network of people who have established many successful New Horizons operations based on a proven sales process and strong global partnerships. Our operation was up and running in three months and operating profitably after nine months. Without New Horizons, it would take anyone starting up several years to stablish themselves as a recognized learning provider."

Owner, New Horizons, Ireland

Liam McMahon

Owner, New Horizons of Ireland

"As a franchisee, I can concentrate on what makes me the most money: developing sales talent and closing business. New Horizons Corporate negotiates deals with vendors, constantly looking over the horizon for what is new or next for the training market. This relationship empowers me to be as successful as I want to be by providing all the tools necessary for my success."

Owner, New Horizons, Gainesville, Florida, USA

Tom Pongpat

Owner, New Horizons,
Gainesville, Florida, USA

"My wife and I were looking to purchasing a company where we understood the products and that we could add value right away. Given my technical background and her history in corporate training. New Horizons was a perfect fit. By being part of a franchise, we had the support system in place to help us understand the business. The brand recognition is very strong, the reputation is good, and we clearly have a superior product when compared to our competition. By purchasing an existing franchise, we were operational immediately and began to grow the company into the success it is today. Working with other franchise owners and the leadership team in the corporate offices, we have evolved our business into the number one choice for computer training in our market."

Owner, New Horizons, Overland Park, Kansas, USA

Scott Riggs

Owner, New Horizons of Kansas City,
Overland Park, Kansas, USA

“The experience of belonging to the franchise network and actively participating with more exposure and participation in the IT world has been exceptionally positive for our business. As a franchise, we can learn and develop best practices for training our customers and be instantly recognized by our clients and the most important brands in the world (e.g. Microsoft, Cisco, etc.), all are gratifying facets of being involved in this business. There have been more than 14 years of good experiences, business practices, and coexistence with the great team and family of New Horizons.”

“La experiencia de pertenecer y participar activamente de la empresa con más exposición y participación en el mundo de las TI, ha sido excepcionalmente positivo para nuestro negocio. Aprender y desarrollar las mejores prácticas de entrenamiento y ser reconocido por nuestros clientes y las marcas más importantes del mundo es un hecho gratificante en este activo negocio. Han sido más de 14 años de buenas experiencias, prácticas comerciales y convivencia con el gran equipo y familia de New Horizons.”

Horacio G. Nazif

New Horizons Chile

“We are glad to be associated with New Horizons, because by virtue of their global presence in training business serving B2B & B2C segments across the world for many years. New Horizons presents a reliable backbone in support of the ever changing IT flavors as they are in a unique position to continuously evaluate and strengthen the relationship with IT vendors in tune with the dynamic and diverse needs of the industry. Providing us with the confidence to provide a complete learning and development solution rather than fragmented trainings”.

New Horizons Dubai, UAE

Mohammed Aslam

New Horizons Dubai, UAE

"Now it's 15 years since we've decided to buy our first franchise in Frankfurt, Germany. Ever since we've not only renewed our contract but have added Wiesbaden, Mannheim and Munich by now. We see being part of the New Horizons network as the major benefit. More than 300 centers worldwide constantly deliver so many great ideas, a lot of help and a steady stream of improvements and enhancements to all our existing services. With all that centers our learning methods get enhanced by a lot of innovations all the time like Mentored Learning/WalkIn or Connected Classroom only to name a few. Franchising works for us by combining the drive and energy of the entrepreneur with the experience and expertise of the franchisor.”

CEO & Owner New Horizons Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mannheim & Munich, Germany

Nils Gutsche

CEO & Owner New Horizons Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mannheim &
Munich, Germany

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New Horizons works with almost every major Software Vendor across a span of more than 2,000 independent courses. We have witnessed great success with many of these vendors and are one of the largest global computer training providers for the following core partners. Because these software vendors love the computer training that we offer, your New Horizons franchise will benefit from an established clientele.