What Makes the New Horizons Franchise Stand Out

The New Horizons IT training franchise opportunity is unlike any other. Our per unit average revenue, partnerships with big names in the IT industry, our global reputation and the opportunity to make a mark in your local community are just some of New Horizons’ market differentiators. Read on to learn more about how the New Horizons franchise stands out.

Average Gross Revenue

While no amount of revenue can be guaranteed for any franchise location, our average gross revenue ranging from $1.4 million for small territories to $4.2 million for mega territories* is a testament to the success New Horizons franchise partners have achieved in building their businesses. This number is also indicative of the high demand for computer training. We consistently provide people with the technological skills they need to advance in their careers — and lives. The world we live in will continue to require us to learn new IT skills, and New Horizons will continue to teach them.

Partnerships with the Biggest Names in IT

We have established relationships with some of the biggest software vendors in the IT industry. And these connections are passed on to every single New Horizons franchise partner. Companies like IBM, Cisco and Microsoft have deemed our training of their programs to be so exemplary that we are an official training partner. Not only is each franchise location certified to teach these courses, but they are recognized as the highest caliber for training on that specific software or program.

Global Reputation

New Horizons is known around the world for its dedication to providing top-notch computer training. We have locations across North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East with growing franchise opportunities in those areas. We are an IT training leader on a global scale. Our international clients, technological partners and the IT community at large know what to expect from New Horizons: unbeatable IT training. By franchising with New Horizons, your business could benefit from the reputation we’ve built.

Make a Local Footprint

With New Horizons, you can have the best of both worlds. You’ll benefit from our global reputation, but you’ll also have the freedom to make your mark in your own community. New Horizons learning centers serve as the local experts on all things computer training for each student you teach and for your larger, corporate clients. As you build your business, you will make connections with business leaders in your community and spread the word about all that New Horizons has to offer.

Now is your chance to join the franchise that stands out in the computer training industry. Be a part of New Horizons, the IT training brand with $1 million per unit average revenue, relationships with IT giants, global recognition and the power to connect you to other leaders in your community. Make today the day you reach out for more information about the New Horizons franchise opportunity.

*Refer to Item 19 in the 2019 New Horizons Franchise Disclosure Document for additional information.