Every business in the country, from entrepreneurs working out of their basements to multinational conglomerates, is hiring IT workers at a record-setting pace. There are currently over half a million job openings in IT across the United States.

In major cities like New York, it’s rapidly becoming the primary option for job-seekers. Within just four years, 7,000 technology-oriented companies created a whopping 25,000 jobs. That’s a job growth pace that is four times faster than any other industry.

It’s also a number that only accounts for tech-oriented companies and not IT job growth in industries like health care and finance, where new IT security regulations are making tech-savvy employees an absolute must.

While this is good for those with tech degrees, it’s even greater news for the IT franchise industry. The franchise industry, including the IT franchise industry, is poised for another year of growth.

And it won’t stop here. Current metrics predict that the franchise sector will continue to grow at exciting rates, exceeding economy-wide industry growth.

Still not convinced? Just consider these key signals that there is and will be continuing growth in the IT franchise industry.

IT franchise industry

Computers and Tech-Connected Devices are Rapidly Becoming Ubiquitous

Fast food restaurants are incorporating digital menus and point-of-sale systems to expedite their service and provide a more enhanced customer experience. Such digital menu boards are a part of a much larger digital signage market that is expected to be worth $23.76 billion by 2020. That is just one slice of a growing technological infrastructure that is going to require a whole host of tech-minded individuals, ranging from call-in tech support on front-end applications to developers and back-end programmers.

Time is Money and Tech is Efficiency 

When individual entrepreneurs and companies seek out ways to become more effective and more productive with their time, the answer is almost always tech-based. Integrated CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) software is swiftly changing, streamlining how many businesses operate.

This type of software allows organizations to easily and quickly combine, organize, dictate and maintain all of the data, whether it’s human resource files or customer acquisition studies, all in one seamless format. Behind each of these software programs is a team of IT individuals who are there to ensure that software is properly implemented and maintained.

Technology Opens Doors … but Also to Hackers.

While we know it isn’t good taste to celebrate cyber criminals, the fact is they are opening a ton of jobs in cyber security, which is a key focus in the IT franchise industry.

The cyber security market is already worth an impressive $75 billion, yet it’s anticipated to balloon to a jaw-dropping $170 billion by 2020. What’s the impetus? Everything.

Consider just the two points mentioned above: the ubiquity of technology and the growing reliance companies are having for software as a core component of their business. Every day, business managers and staff upload sensitive data like health care files, corporate reports and finance papers onto both private and not-so-private servers. Private individuals, companies and government officials are all relying on cyber security teams to ensure that hackers and ill doers don’t make off with this information.

Become a Part of the IT Franchise Industry

In summary, there’s not going to be any industry like the tech industry this century when it comes to growth forecasts. And if you’re looking to cut yourself a piece of the big IT franchise industry pie, then contact us today at New Horizons. Our team is excited to share what we’ve learned, to answer any questions you might have and to help you on your way to tech-happy future.

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