The Technology Gap: How New Horizons Helps Close It

The phrase “technology gap” has been buzzing around in IT circles for quite some time. But what does it actually mean? And, as you consider investing in a computer training business, it is crucial that you understand how New Horizons franchise owners make a meaningful difference in closing the technology gap every single day.

What Is the Technology Gap?

According to PC Magazine, the term “technology gap” has three different definitions, but the one most pertinent to New Horizons franchise owners is: the difference between people who use computers and mobile devices on a daily basis and those who don’t.

As our world becomes more digitized, it’s easy to assume that everyone is riding the technological wave together. But what about those who, for reasons including geography, age and socio-economic status, have been left behind? Simply, their career opportunities are shrinking.

How Does the Technology Gap Affect Potential New Horizons Clients?

Technological literacy is a crucial aspect of many jobs. Even if we ignore industry-specific software, many business functions require the ability to navigate the Microsoft Office suite and project management systems. Those who don’t have those necessary skills have job options that are severely limited. When they realize they need an operational understanding of computers and information technology, these people become potential New Horizons clients.

For example, the low-skill worker who has a supervisor willing to finance the next level of training and education so he or she is eligible for a promotion is a potential New Horizons client, as is the veteran who is adjusting to the breakneck speed of technology in the civilian world and wants to use their federal voucher to catch up. And we can’t forget those who just recognize that they need some new skills for this modern world. The technology gap affects them all — and they can all use New Horizons computer training to help them close it.

How Does New Horizons Help Close the Technology Gap?

New Horizons helps clients get the skills they need to not only understand how to operate computers, but also to become comfortable enough to use their newly learned skills on a daily basis. And that is how we help close the technology gap. Our clients come to us knowing the skills they need to take their careers to the next level. They leave their course or program with those skills, but also with the confidence to execute them regularly. New Horizons franchise owners are lucky enough to have that lifechanging impact every single day. And it’s due to their decision to bring a world-class computer training franchise to their market.

You are now armed with the knowledge of the technology gap and how New Horizons is helping to close it. That’s the type of powerful impact you could have by bringing a New Horizons Learning Center to your community. To learn more about the New Horizons franchise opportunity, reach out for more information