The Support You Need to Keep Growing Your IT Franchise

Initial Training

Before franchise owners open the doors of their New Horizons center, they receive two weeks of comprehensive and extensive training. Initial franchise training utilizes a variety of teaching methods that include traditional classroom training, online courses and hands-on exercises. This combination addresses many different learning styles so that every franchise owner can learn what they need to know to open and grow their New Horizons franchise location.

Training covers New Horizons’ history; the role and duties of general managers, sales managers and account executives; New Horizon’s resources and tools, hiring, development and operations best practices; training schedule development, marketing strategies, inter-franchise operations; and financial management and reporting.

Ongoing Support

Franchise owner support doesn’t end after initial training. New Horizons franchise owners continue to have support beyond opening. This ongoing support helps franchise owners learn and practice new skills that can serve them well as they grow their IT franchises.

Support After Opening

After their initial franchise training, franchise owners have the information they need to open their New Horizons center, but there is still more to learn. We continue to offer support and instruction. New Horizons provides another week of hands-on training to franchise owners at their own franchise location, once the center is open. The New Horizons corporate representative helps franchise owners train their new staff in different roles, along with passing along proprietary information, manuals and recordings.

Annual Conferences

Each year, New Horizons franchise owners have the opportunity to attend our conferences that include discussions on industry trends, sales techniques, performance standards, personnel training and new innovations. Franchise owners are strongly encouraged to attend these conferences and use the knowledge they gain to motivate their teams and strategize for business growth.

Day-to-Day Support

Even beyond scheduled training and annual events, New Horizons franchise owners have resources and support. Franchise owners can ask questions and request guidance by phone, email or through New Horizons’ proprietary extranet.

Course Scheduling

Part of any business’ growth is its reputation. New Horizons franchise locations worldwide are known for their dependability – and that’s thanks to our Guaranteed-to-Run course scheduling. New Horizons franchise owners can offer Guaranteed-to-Run courses to their local students. Being able to provide students and customers with a guarantee encourages repeat business and referrals, both of which can help franchise owners expand. The Guaranteed-to-Run schedule is handled by New Horizons corporate. Franchise owners just have to make sure their customers are aware of it.

Beyond the Guaranteed-to-Run schedule, franchise owners can also get assistance with all course scheduling, helping them provide consistent class schedules for their students.

Initial franchise owner training, along with continuous support and course scheduling assistance, are all ways New Horizons provides franchise owners with the support that empowers them to grow their businesses. If you are ready to join an IT franchise with excellent franchise owner support, please reach out for more information about the New Horizons franchise opportunity.