The Skills You Need to Be a New Horizons Franchise Owner

New Horizons franchise owners come from a wide range of backgrounds. While many of our franchisee owners come from the IT world, they are all passionate about empowering people to succeed through learning. Our franchise owners benefit by building a great team, but they also bring some core traits to the table. New Horizons franchise owners need to care about people, have sales skills and possess management experience.

People Skills

All New Horizons franchise owners are in the people business. Our centers change lives by providing the technological skills that the modern workforce requires. While our franchise owners aren’t expected to be IT instructors, New Horizons franchise owners care about the people who trust us to provide them the world’s best IT training.

People skills also help New Horizons franchise owners effectively manage their employees and instructors. The New Horizons franchise model requires franchise owners to be hands-on and collaborate with employees, instructors and other members of the franchise system. Our franchise owners are “people-people” and enjoy working with a team to help change lives.

Sales Skills

While New Horizons provides each franchise owner with marketing support, our franchise owners aren’t sitting in their centers waiting for business to walk in the door; they go out and earn it! Selling is a part of being a New Horizons franchise owner; if you’re good at it, you’re more likely to thrive. Establishing personal connections is often a key factor in business, but good salespeople do more than that. In addition to being able to connect with others, they are driven, patient and self-aware.

Franchise owners build relationships with local IT training decision-makers and work with them to find the New Horizons training that is right for their organization and employees. New Horizons can provide enterprise-wide learning solutions in a variety of interactive and immersive ways. Once a franchise owner helps an IT training decision-maker determine the perfect training for their organization, an account management team and a client support team make sure the client gets everything they need to succeed.

Management Experience

While the core of our business is pretty straightforward – to provide the world’s best IT training – our franchise model is sophisticated. That’s why management experience is useful. New Horizons is always there to support each franchise owner, but at the end of the day, each franchise owner is their own boss. That means franchise owners need to be on top of things like course enrollment, instructor schedules, and client relationships. People with management experience are better equipped for this exciting challenge, especially if they have experience overseeing operations.

People skills, sales skills and management experience are all key traits for New Horizons franchise owners. The New Horizons franchise system is full of leaders who understand that education is a powerful tool in changing lives. Does that sound like you? If so, please reach out to learn more about how you can change lives by franchising with New Horizons.