We now live in the information economy, and digital technology is at the forefront of this new paradigm in the global economy. It’s the driving force behind change, disruption, innovation, and education. One of the inherent problems with this new paradigm is the skills gap. Learning digital technology is now just as important for the basic workforce as reading, writing, and basic mathematics.
People mostly need to know how to use a computer, smartphone, tablet, and the software that runs on those particular devices in order to complete the basic functions of their job. It’s also important to understand the pace at which technology advances, exponentially developing faster, more complex, and more demanding of user attention and skill. A vocational training franchise has emerged to deal with this development.

vocational training franchise

Global Business Demand for Technology

Over the course of the last couple decades, technology has exploded in computing power as well as its place in society. As machines became more compact yet more powerful at the same time, they also became more affordable to a growing worldwide population of workers and consumers. Businesses became increasingly aware that technology could also drastically improve business operations, particularly as the cloud and big data became more important and widely available to those businesses.

With such heavy growth, however, those still hanging on to legacy practices and skills from the old world faced the prospect of being left in the dust by those who were educated or knowledgeable in these new kinds of technology. Companies needed a fast way to train employees who were still valuable to the company for their knowledge of their industries. A vocational training franchise called New Horizons has committed to solving this particular problem.

Digital Education Efforts in Demand

As all of this technology came into the picture and expanded rapidly across the globe, the demand for flexible and more affordable education developed as well. More short-term virtual courses in specific technologies and specialized certifications were needed to keep the industry moving forward. Many companies and employees needed specialized training to complement their jobs that often incorporated new procedures or new technologies. Also, globally, the demand for technological education has risen steadily, providing an opportunity for a vocational training franchise business model.

A Vocational Training Franchise Responds

As the largest of its kind in the in the world with over 300 franchise locations, New Horizons has been a leader in the fields of technology and education for a long time, focusing on corporate training, business skills, software training, and career training. Training on Adobe, Cisco and Microsoft products are just some of the skills and software options taught to students at these locations. As IT becomes more important to companies, so does New Horizons.

What Franchise Should I Invest In?

There are many reasons to open up a New Horizons franchise, and it may be a good type of franchise fit for someone with particular skills such as marketing, sales, IT, or similar backgrounds. It helps to have strong ties to the proposed community of location and some financial investment is required, but with significant demand, this investment can pay itself off. If you have been looking for an opportunity in IT education, New Horizons may be well worth looking into. Contact us to find out more about how you can become a franchisee of New Horizons today.