Business owners who are involved in the IT and education industries are well aware of the hard work needed to maintain a business. Many business owners reach the point that franchising becomes a viable option, but may hesitate to take the next step due to misconceptions.

New Horizons has a network that includes more than 300 locations in 70 countries around the world. By joining this network, you will gain access to cutting-edge educational resources and a systematic approach to conducting business, leaving you with more time to work directly with your customers and grow your business.

If you’re still unsure about franchising, read up about some of the common misconceptions that people have about owning a computer education franchise to help you see how this could be the perfect direction for your company.

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Misconception: You have to be an IT expert to own a computer education business

Many business owners may fear that they do not have the computer expertise to move into the computer education business. This may be true if you were attempting to start from scratch and write all of your own educational content, but when you open a New Horizons franchise, the content has already been created, giving you the freedom to focus on marketing, sales and serving your customers.

You won’t need to create a website, write code or develop complicated systems, so computer expertise is not required. Any business that provides support services, training or education to other businesses or individuals has the potential to be a successful New Horizons franchise.

Misconception: The only people who need computer training are small business owners

Another common misconception is that only a limited number of people, such as small business owners, need computer and technology training. In reality, people at all levels of business need the skills taught by New Horizons.

Government agencies, large corporations, small businesses and even individuals can all benefit greatly from learning more about areas such as basic computer skills, networking, security and application development. Some of the largest organizations in the world, like Microsoft and Cisco, rely on New Horizons for training — affirming that there is a vast, ready-made customer base waiting for you.

Essentially, anyone who wants to remain competitive in today’s global market will benefit from continually growing their knowledge, and a New Horizons franchise helps people do just that.

Misconception: Customers have to attend class in person and you need physical teaching space

The idea that customers have to attend class in a physical location couldn’t be further from the truth! New Horizons prides itself on leading the way in technological advances when it comes to providing training and education and, as such, offers many options for long-distance learning.

New Horizons Online LIVE allows students to participate in an engaging, real-time learning environment from the convenience of their home, office or a New Horizons learning center. Not only is this more convenient for your customers, it also opens up your customer base to people who may not live in your city or town.

You can easily provide services to people located across a wide region. In addition, you’ll save costs on maintaining a physical space in which to teach classes.

A New Horizons franchise can be the ideal way to help your business grow and provide a vast array of state-of-the-art education resources your customers need. People and businesses of all sizes and levels of education can immediately benefit from the educational and training services you will provide. In addition, your business will also benefit from the high-quality content, vast customer network and user-friendly, intelligently designed systems provided by New Horizons.

To learn more about how you can get in on the growth of this industry by opening a New Horizons franchise, contact us today!

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