Technology training business model allows you to sell more by leveraging the resources of a global brand

Since 1982, New Horizons has been on the leading edge of the ever-changing technology field. We have cultivated a reputation for superior facilities and classes. Over 30 million students have been trained through New Horizons. We’re looking forward to the next 30 million.

The $368 billion IT and computer training industry is in demand now more than ever. The pace of technological change has put additional demand on businesses and individuals to rapidly learn and adapt. At the same time, the shift toward remote working — which was greatly accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic — creates the need for a more tech-savvy workforce and people with the IT skills to support them.

Fast Facts about New Horizons

  • A medium-sized territory consists of 1 million to 2 million population
  • Average gross revenue in a medium-sized territory is reported at $2 million
  • New Horizons has 240 Global Training Centers in 35 countries
  • Ranked in the top 5% of the industry for training quality and customer satisfaction
  • 95% of students achieve professional growth with New Horizons authorized training
  • 90% of IT professionals recommend New Horizons

Deliver incredible value while achieving strong margins

New Horizons’ technology training business model is designed to help you maximize sales opportunities by tapping into global resources. Our goal is for franchisees to operate a high-margin business that has the maximum positive impact on their community.

Owning a New Horizons franchise is like running a training business with a staff of thousands. In addition to a handful of instructors on your staff, you will have access to more than 2,000 experts that provide over 2,900 instructor-led courses through virtual classrooms. You also provide customers access to an ever-growing library of 5,000+ self-paced online learning modules. The self-paced courses not only give customers 24/7 access to training, they also give your business a high-margin service that can be sold at any time with minimal labor costs.

We have perfected online training and offer several sophisticated training programs. New Horizons Online LIVE, Remote Mentored Learning, Connected Classroom and On-Demand are all Virtual Instructor-Led-Training and Virtual Mentored-Led Training methodologies that allow us to maintain a leading position in the industry.

These training methods are not only preferred by customers, they differentiate us in the marketplace and are strategically designed to decrease costs and increase margins. New Horizons franchisees are able to expand their reach far beyond a classroom-only business model. While we do still offer classroom training at our franchise locations, our ability to go fully virtual has been a boon.

How the Business Makes Money

How you generate revenue

As a New Horizons franchisee, your chief role is selling services to customers. You don’t need the technical background required of your instructors; they’ll handle classes and training for you. Your job is to find those organizations that increasingly rely on technology to run every aspect of their business. Your customers are everywhere.

A typical franchise, depending on location, might start with two to four instructors, an account executive and an office manager. The beauty of joining an international franchise is that you’ll be able to expand your offerings to any course available through the New Horizons global network, allowing you to offer extensive training beyond what your employees alone could provide.

Of course, New Horizons franchisees around the world will also be able to sell seats into virtual classrooms run by your instructors. Revenue splits allow both the selling franchise and the offering franchise to get a portion of the sale. In effect, you not only have a global team of instructors — you also have a global sales team ready to support your business.

Why customers choose you

We offer services to everyone from large multinational corporations and small and mid-sized businesses to government agencies and individuals. Because of our online learning modalities and extensive network of global classrooms, we can tailor our training sessions to almost anyone.

Many customers around the world already know New Horizons and our reputation. We are certified training partners for Microsoft, VMWare, Google, Adobe, Cisco, Citrix, CompTIA and Oracle.

How we help

New Horizons provides extensive training as well as software to help you manage the business, dashboards to help you track KPIs and CRMs to help you manage marketing and stay in touch with customers.

We also design and update curriculum and innovate so you can focus on selling services that are in high demand.

Our franchise support is outlined in greater detail in our Business Model eBook.