Growing up, you probably were the type of person of whom people said, “No grass grows under those feet.” Now that you’re a grownup entrepreneur, you still feel the need to grow. New Horizons, the country’s leading IT training franchise, can satisfy this impulse—and keep you challenged as your growth spurt continues.

New Horizons was added to the Businessweek list of 100 Hot Growth Companies 15 years ago, and heads have been turning in our direction ever since. Whether your plan is to build your IT training franchise into the largest draw in your area or to become a multi-unit IT training franchise owner, New Horizons offers three exceptional benefits that appeal to growth-oriented individuals like you. Consider:

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New Horizons Enjoys Unparalleled Status in the IT Training Franchise Industry 

New Horizons is the world’s largest independent IT training company, with 300 computer training centers in 70 countries (and counting). Founded in 1982, New Horizons is also the official training partner for technology leaders such as Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, and VMware, Microsoft’s largest training provider. As such, New Horizons delivers more than 40 percent of all authorized Microsoft training worldwide.

We’re also the world’s largest Cisco-authorized training partner. New Horizons is especially proud of the fact that it’s ranked in the top 5 percent of the industry for training quality and customer satisfaction. For people who aspire to grow, status and name recognition with the IT training franchise industry are valuable commodities.

New Horizons Boasts an Enviable and Established Business Model

Businesses thrive when two key components of their business model—the “internal constitution” and the “external alignment”—are disciplined yet forward-looking, say Harvard Business School researchers Ramon Casadesus-Masanell and John Heilbron in The Business Model: Nature and Benefits. With the former, “firms make choices about how to organize their employees’ activities so that the manipulation of their material and other resources produces value in the form of a marketable product or service.”

With the latter, “firms make choices about which external parties they will negotiate with and which transactions they will participate in.” Since the researchers assert that a business model is “an act of will,” then New Horizons’ fully vetted and tested business model is a triumph. It is built on three tenets: providing innovative training solutions adaptable for any individual or business, maintaining an aggressive sales system, and delivering a complete franchisee training and support in the industry.

New Horizons Offers Comprehensive and Ongoing Training 

Like many of your predecessors, you might come to New Horizons with a background in management, leadership, or sales. This background—as well as a keen understanding of information technology—should serve you well. It should also provide a good foundation for all that New Horizons will teach you, especially about how to grow a successful business through sales management, team leadership, and operational management.

New franchisees are trained on New Horizons’ training methodologies, current industry trends, and the latest cutting-edge technologies. Then, they’re invited to attend yearly conferences on industry trends, sales techniques, performance standards, personnel training, and new innovations. You should expect the world’s premier IT training franchise to extend the finest training to its franchisees, and New Horizons delivers.

There is no substitute for talking with someone who can answer all your questions. So don’t hesitate to reach out to a New Horizons consultant for more information—before even one blade of grass grows under your feet.

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