If a learning center franchise were a beacon in the night, then you would be homing in on it.

At least, that’s the way it feels as you assess whether to become a franchisee. This is no small step. It will have life-changing repercussions, so you’re smart to take a step back from that bright beacon and ask six questions about starting a learning center franchise like New Horizons.

FAQs about computer learning franchise opportunities

Question No. 1:

Am I correct in ensuring that this learning center franchise is a leader in the industry? As a franchisee, my identity will be closely linked with the franchise.


You are correct to pursue such an assurance. So continue digging, and you’ll find that New Horizons is the world’s largest independent IT training company, with 300 computer training centers in 70 countries around the world. Its global reach is unparalleled, and New Horizons has earned the trust and respect of IT leaders such as Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA, for which it serves as an official training partner.

Question No. 2:

What differentiates this learning center franchise from its competitors? I want to be affiliated with a franchise that not only stands out but also offers something distinct.


Take a good look at New Horizons’ global reach. This differentiator alone allows it to offer more training courses, over more time slots and in more locations than any other IT training company. In addition, New Horizons enjoys greater access to tools and resources for training than smaller companies, which translates to superior training. And check out its training methods: Mentored Learning and Online LIVE are one of a kind.

Question No. 3:

What kind of training can I expect to receive as a franchisee? I want to be fully prepared for the challenges I will face.


Training is fundamental to everything we do at New Horizons. New franchisees benefit from two weeks of comprehensive training followed by one week of follow-up. During this time, New Horizons addresses every topic you could think of. You name it—hiring, financial management, operations management, marketing strategies—New Horizons covers it.

Question No. 4:

What kind of marketing help can I count on from this learning center franchise? I think marketing will be critical to my success.


Marketing is indeed critical, even when you’re affiliated with a world-class learning center franchise. New Horizons strikes a balance between showing new franchisees which marketing strategies and tactics generate results and giving franchisees the opportunity to alter some details to suit the needs of their geographic area.

Question No. 5:

Can I expect to be in touch with the franchisor and fellow franchisees? As much as I like the idea of autonomy, I don’t want to feel isolated.


Communication is another hallmark of New Horizons. Our corporate office is always one phone call away, we host annual conferences, and we encourage franchisees to share ideas and experiences so that they can learn from one another and improve their learning center franchise. Fundamentally, New Horizons is a team, and our corporate culture is built on collaboration.

Question No. 6:

Does this learning center franchise encourage expansion? I realize I should tackle one challenge at a time, but I’d like to think about the future, too.


Every franchisee is different, but if you aspire to become a multi-unit franchisee, New Horizons will be there to support your efforts.

If a few more questions come to mind, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the franchise consultants at New Horizons. Think of them, too, as a beacon—and another way to bring focus and clarity to your franchise journey.

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