As global IT training giant New Horizons expands in the UK, our franchisees can count on the first-hand experiences of a support team like no other. Industry experts who truly know what it means to run a successful New Horizons franchise.

Peter Ingle, Support Director

Michael Smith, Senior Support Director, and his colleague Peter Ingle, Support Director, have both previously spent several years as General Managers of New Horizons franchised centres. As a result, they have an unparalleled understanding of the needs of a franchisee, from day-to-day operations to strategic business planning and development. Together, Michael and Peter have over 25 years of experience working with New Horizons both in the franchise and corporate divisions.

With a unique approach to ensuring the success of our franchisees, the support directors don’t wait for a franchisee to need their help. Instead, they pride themselves on already being a part of the franchisee’s team. By keeping in regular contact, Michael and Peter take a proactive rather than a reactive approach to the guidance and assistance that they offer.

“Naturally, some of what we do is reactive; responding real-time to queries and helping franchisees with any issues they may come across. However, we’re mainly pre-emptive in the way we bring things to the network. Even if our franchisees aren’t reaching out to us for help we still schedule regular virtual meetings to make sure they feel in the loop and part of the team. At New Horizons we say that our franchisees are never alone, and it’s true!” explains Peter.

Micheal Smith, Senior Support Director
Micheal Smith, Senior Support Director

“We work very closely with our franchisees from day one; consulting on their business performance, coaching and training their staff, developing business plans and assisting with large enterprise or complex business opportunities. We also work very closely with our major supplier partners such as Microsoft and Cisco to make sure our franchisees have all the accreditations they need and are fully aligned with the suppliers. This ensures they can exploit business opportunities in their individual markets,” adds Michael.

We are the world’s largest independent IT training company with over 300 training centres in 60 countries, including their UK flagship training centre in London. As part of the UK expansion, they are now looking to partner with existing companies and entrepreneurs in major cities across the country.

Along with an award-winning training programme and comprehensive support package, new franchisees are offered an exclusive territory and training programmes for all employees. In addition, our franchise package includes ongoing training events and annual conferences, a wide variety of live online events, self-paced e-learning resources and a wealth of tools that franchisees can use to train their employees.