This month, New Horizons released a new version of our multi award-winning Mentored Learning programme. ML 3.0 allows for remote delivery of mentored training for students. This is exciting news for New Horizons as it means that franchisees can provide their industry leading services without even having to be in the same room as their clients.

This improved remote learning offering opens up a much wider client demographic for franchisees and ensures New Horizons maintain a leading position worldwide. A major advantage to franchisees, these training methods are not only preferred by customers, but also strategically designed to decrease costs and increase margins, vital in today’s economic climate.

In an industry such as the IT training sector, it is important that companies like New Horizons keep up with the latest developments in technology in order to stay ahead of the competition. With over 60% of employees in the UK required to use a computer and the internet for their work at least once a week, the demand for New Horizons’ services has never been higher and will only continue to grow as technology advances.

We are the world’s largest independent IT training company. With a network of over 300 centres in 60 countries, we are Microsoft’s largest training provider, delivering more than 40% of all authorised Microsoft training worldwide.

For over 30 years, New Horizons has provided more than 30 million students with industry-leading technical training that delivers the most relevant and intuitive computer courses and certifications. With the increased usage of virtual classroom training (Mentored Learning) franchisees enjoy a dynamic business model that allows for more consistent student demand for their services as technology continues to change and develop at a phenomenal pace. In short, New Horizons’ training methodologies and business strategies allow franchisees to be minimally, if at all, affected by any future downward fluctuations in the economy.

Along with an award-winning training programme and comprehensive support package, new franchisees are offered an exclusive territory in a major city along with training programmes for all employees. In addition, the package includes ongoing training events and annual conferences, a wide variety of live online events, self-paced e-learning resources and a wealth of tools that franchisees can use to train their employees.

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