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New Horizons is the world’s leading independent IT training company. We have worked with every company in the Fortune 100, and have helped more than 30 million people build the technical, leadership and soft skills to boost their careers, transition to new careers, and help their employers thrive.

We have a great business, but more importantly we have a great mission: helping people and organizations reach their full potential.

A $368 billion industry

We’re currently growing in the United States and seeking out new franchise partners. Technical training is a $368 billion global industry. It’s also an industry with tremendous sustained demand, driven by ever-changing technologies.

Our franchisees are able to capture business by tapping into New Horizons’ combined expertise, which includes thousands of expert instructors in more than 200 training centers around the globe. As a franchisee, you have access to a massive knowledge base. Through you, your community has access to that knowledge base, too.

What we do

New Horizons started in 1982, and has thrived as a certified training partner for the largest IT companies in the world, including Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Cisco, CompTIA, Adobe, Citrix, VMware, Oracle, Google, and more.

We provide technical and skills-based training functions that a lot of HR departments are ill-equipped to handle. We work with everyone from small businesses that need a solution for building the skills of a valued employee, to large corporations that need additional or specialized training resources, to government organizations that need help with workforce development and career education.

IT training is only part of what we offer. Our education franchises also offer soft skills training to help people become more effective team members, and leadership training to help supervisors create productive and inspired teams.

When the company started, courses were overwhelmingly classroom-based. Thanks to advances in cloud computing — as well as tens of millions invested in infrastructure and online course development — franchisees are now able to offer cloud-based virtual classrooms, one-on-one online instruction, and self-paced online instruction.

Our learning environments at a glance

Classroom Learning

Includes instructor lecture and demonstration, followed by students practice through hands-on exercises enhanced by Web-based resources.

Online Live

Removes geographical boundaries from learning by bringing students and instructors together synchronously in a live, virtual classroom.

Mentored Learning

A Microsoft Innovation Award-winning training methodology that allows students to learn at their own pace with a certified instructor.

On Demand

An integrated blend of video courseware, labs, knowledge checks and remote instructor that helps IT terms stay abreast of the latest technologies and build their technical skills in a flexible, time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

Labs on Demand

Real-time cloud-based labs that allow students hands-on access to the systems and applications taught in our classrooms, anytime and anywhere.

Maximizing your ROI

The rapid rise of online learning allows franchisees to:

  • Generate enormous sales by tapping into the combined expertise of thousands of instructors offering more than 2,900 instructor-led courses that teach specific software, project management skills, leadership and development, business analysis, and human resources management.
  • Generate high margin sales by providing access to an ever-growing library of 5,000+ self-paced online learning modules.
  • Provide virtual training environments that are ideal for clients with distributed teams working from homes or remote offices.

What we can help you accomplish

Whether you already own an IT training business and are looking for ways to expand, or are eager to establish a new business in the technical education industry, New Horizons can help you scale up your business, maximize revenue, and provide the most value to your community.

We help franchisees hit their goals by:

  • Maintaining an aggressive, simplified sales system. We design and innovate so you can focus on selling services that are high demand.
  • Providing extensive training as well as software to help you manage the business, dashboards to help you track KPIs, and CRMs to help you manage marketing and stay in touch with customers.

New Horizons’ customer base

Franchisees sell services to businesses of all sizes as well as government organizations. We are often called upon as industry experts to lead government workforce development initiatives due to our breadth of knowledge, experience, innovation, the worldwide footprint of our IT education franchise, and the local presence provided by franchise owners.

We transform organizations and the lives of customers. And it shows:

  • We rank in the top 5% of the industry for training quality and customer satisfaction
  • 95% of students achieve professional growth with New Horizons authorized training
  • 90% of IT professionals recommend New Horizons

North American Open Markets

  • Albuquerque, NM
  • Anchorage/Fairbanks, AK
  • Asheville, NC
  • Austin, TX
  • Bakersfield, CA
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Bangor, ME
  • Billings, MT
  • Biloxi, MS
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Bismarck, ND
  • Boston, MA
  • Calgary, AB
  • Charleston, WV
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Chicago, IL
  • Cinncinati, OH
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Denver, CO
  • Detroit , MI
  • East Bay, CA
  • Edmonton, AB
  • El Paso, TX
  • Erie, PA
  • Fairfield County/New Haven, CT
  • Fort Collins, CO
  • Fort Myers, FL
  • Fort Wayne, IN
  • Fresno, CA
  • Gainesville, FL
  • Grand Rapids, MI
  • Greensboro, NC
  • Harrisburg, PA
  • Hartford, CT
  • Honolulu, HI
  • Houston, TX
  • Huntsville, AL
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Iselin, NJ
  • Jackson, MS
  • Kalamazoo, MI
  • Kansas City, KS
  • Lansing, MI
  • Little Rock, AR
  • Livonia, MI
  • Long Island, NY
  • Louisville/Lexington, KY
  • Memphis, TN
  • Mobile, AL
  • Modesto, CA
  • Montgomery, AL
  • Montpelier, VT
  • Montreal, QC
  • Nashua, NH
  • New Orleans, LA
  • New York City, NY
  • Norfolk, VA
  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • Ottawa, ON
  • Peoria, IL
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Portland, OR
  • Princeton, NJ
  • Providence, RI
  • Rock Springs, WY
  • Rockford, IL
  • Salem/Eugene, MA
  • San Antonio, TX
  • San Bernardino, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • San Jose, CA
  • San Juan, PR
  • Santa Cruz, CA
  • Santa Rosa, CA
  • Seattle North, WA
  • Seattle South, WA
  • Sioux Falls, SD
  • South Bend, IN
  • Springfield, IL
  • Springfield, MO
  • State of Alaska
  • State of Hawaii
  • State of Maine
  • State of Montana
  • State of Vermont
  • State of West Virginia
  • State of Wyoming
  • Tacoma/Olympia, WA
  • Troy, AL
  • Tulsa, OK
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Ventura, CA
  • West Virginia
  • Westchester, NY
  • Wichita, KS
  • Winnipeg, MB

Quick numbers


$368 billion

size of training industry


classrooms in 35 countries 


instructor-led courses 


self-directed learning courses


30 million+

students since 1982 

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