If you are thinking about becoming a New Horizons franchisee, you probably have a lot of questions. We want to make sure that you find the answers you are looking for quickly and easily, so that you can determine whether New Horizons is right for you. Below are some questions that are frequently asked by prospective New Horizons franchisees.

Q. How long has New Horizons been in business?

A. New Horizons was founded in 1982, giving us more experience in the industry than the average IT training company. New Horizons began franchising in 1992.

Q. How big is the New Horizons network?

A. There are presently over 300 New Horizons locations in over 70 countries.

Q. Who are New Horizons’ customers?

A. Government agencies, individuals, and organizations of all sizes rely on New Horizons for their IT training needs. Many large organizations with locations across the world rely on New Horizons to provide training, so new franchisees may have a built-in customer base when a new location is opened. Individuals may also expand their knowledge in the IT field and therefore their value within a company by taking part in New Horizons’ training courses.

Q. What does New Horizons offer customers?

A. New Horizons offers customers a wide range of technical and applications courses. New Horizons also offers customers business skills courses, and healthcare information management courses.

Q. What differentiates New Horizons from competitors in the field?

A. New Horizons’ global reach and large network allow the company to offer more training courses over more time slots in more locations than any other IT training company. New Horizons also has greater access to tools and resources for training than smaller companies, which means superior training. Additionally, New Horizons’ training methods (such as Mentored Learning and Online LIVE) are top-notch and one of a kind.

Q. What marketing advantages do New Horizons franchisees enjoy?

A. New Horizons franchisees are automatically affiliated with a brand name that is recognized and trusted around the globe, which instantly reduces marketing needs. New Horizons’ International Marketing Department assists franchisees with marketing. A New Horizons website is maintained, reducing the need for individual site maintenance, though local social media maintenance and marketing efforts are recommended.

Q. How long does it take to open a New Horizons location?

A. It typically takes about four to six months to open a New Horizons location after the initial steps have been taken to franchise. The amount of time may vary based on franchisee training needs, location renovation or construction needs, and how long it takes to select and train staff.