Earlier this month, the New Horizons franchise International conference took place in Orlando, Florida. The conference was a huge success with over 400 center personnel, exhibitors, and corporate staff from around the world converging to learn, share ideas and best practices, and maximize opportunities.

The conference consisted of a variety of Breakout Sessions, General Sessions, networking opportunities, and much more. Attendees were provided with strategies, tools, and resources to be used upon their return to their training centers.

The International conference is just one of the many means of support that New Horizons offers to their franchise network. It gives franchisees the opportunity to meet together to improve their businesses by sharing ideas and advice with each other as well as by hearing from the experts at Head Office. Not only that, but top performing franchisees are awarded and recognized for their achievements over the last twelve months. The “Excellence in Training” awards also recognize the top Applications and Technical Instructors in New Horizons’ worldwide network.

“Our International conference is a success every year. It’s great to see the franchisees meeting together and sharing their ideas. As such a vast network, we do not often get the chance to meet face-to-face, so our conference gives franchisees a means of touching base with their support networks. They glean so much from the event and go home to implement new ideas and strategies they have learnt once they return to their businesses,” explains Scott McDaniel, International Development Senior Director.

Every year, New Horizons recognizes the top sales producers, top regional centers, highest revenue centers, top instructors, and more. Below are some highlights from this year’s International Conference.

New Horizons Top Sales Producers of the Year

The President’s Club honors Account Executives, Education Consultants, Government Account Managers, and Enterprise Account Managers who collected at least $1 million US dollars, or the local currency equivalent, in a one-year period. Fifty individuals received this award, and together collected almost $61 million US dollars of training during the past twelve months. Our top five sales people—Darrel McCrain, Tiffany David, Greg Olmen, Benjamin Wendt, Akira Mitsuka—were responsible for over $11.2 million dollars’ worth of business!

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Regional Center of the Year Awards

New Horizons FranchiseIn the USA, centers compete for this award based on market size segment. In international markets, centers compete for this award within their geographic regions. Winning centers are determined based on revenue, growth, MTM post-class score, market penetration, and also must be profitable for the twelve month reporting period.  The winners of the Regional Awards are all in the running for Global Center of the Year – which this year went to European Region – Sofia, Bulgaria!

Five Star Center Award Winners

This is our sixth consecutive year in which we have rewarded the best New Horizons centers for “reaching for the stars” by awarding those deserving with the Five Star Center designation and award.

To achieve this prestigious designation, centers had to post excellent results in five key areas of performance: Revenue Growth, Market Penetration, Quality of the Learning Experience, Strategic Alignment, and a commitment to demonstrating our network values. Out of our hundreds of centers, typically only a few qualify each year, truly representing the most well-managed and operated of our partners. This year, the following centers achieved this prestigious award: Charlotte, North Carolina; Chicago, Illinois; Miami, Florida; Orlando, Florida; and San Diego, California.

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Highest Revenue Award Winners

This award is given to the centers reporting the highest revenue in their respective market sizes and geographic region. These are the leading centers, the ones that the rest of us strive to catch. Below are the eight best IT training centers in the world, their sales forces having proven they are not only amongst the best in New Horizons, but stand in the best of the world as well.

  • Middle East and Africa Region – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • North American Region Mega Market – Detroit, Michigan
  • North American Region Large Market – San Diego, California
  • North American Region Medium Market – Nashville, Tennessee
  • North American Region Small Market – Albany, New York
  • Asia Pacific Region – Sydney, Australia
  • European Region – Hamburg, Germany
  • Latin America Region –Lima, Peru

Top Instructors Awards Celebrate Outstanding Quality

New Horizons University is continually reevaluating its network training programs, ensuring both the content and schedule continue to meet the network’s expectations. The Excellence in Training Awards recognize the top Applications and Technical Instructors in our worldwide network. Our instructors and mentors have consistently demonstrated to the world that New Horizons is the premier computer training provider.new horizons 4

Top Applications Instructor & Top Instructor of the Year:
  • Thomas Perrei of Dortmund, Germany
Top Technical Instuctor:
  • Manuel Contreras Chamorro of Santiago, Chile
Classroom Champions:
  • Kingsley Oparaeke of Dallas, TX, applications courses
  • Dawn Merrill of Kansas City, KS, technical courses

About New Horizons Franchise

New Horizons network is a premier computer training provider responsible for the classes and training for many great technologies such as Hewlett Packard, Dell, VMware, Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, and more. Some of these classes include:

  • Technology Courses (i.e. cloud computing, database, graphic design applications, networking, storage)
  • Vendor Courses (i.e. Adobe, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, VMware, Zoho)
  • Certification Courses (These courses provide certification in the specific area of the vendor’s software.)
  • Roles (i.e. Security Administrator, Web applications Developer, Network Administrator, Information Worker, Project Manager)

New Horizons offers training and certification for those wanting to learn more about these software vendors and their programs.  This training and certification is offered as a Classroom course, or a Live Virtual Cloud based course for students interested in learning more about software companies and the software they provide.

Click here to learn more about the 2015 Conference and the outstanding excellence demonstrated by our franchisees all around the world as well as how you can, too, become a part of this profitable business franchise.