Are you someone who is seeking a new career in IT, education, or both? Are you driven by helping others reach their goals in business,their career, and even their lives? Do you have extensive industry experience, experience in management or sales, or in running your own business? Are you a leader who is looking for an investment opportunity in a great education franchise? Making a career out of a New Horizons franchise might just be the kick-start you are looking for. There are many opportunities for opening a franchise in this kind of business worldwide or locally, and your community might even be the perfect fit.
great education franchise

A Company Dedicated to Solving Problems for Others

New Horizons is a company that has dedicated its time, effort, research, and money into creating a franchise that is set out to solve problems for small and medium sized businesses and corporations across the globe. Training in technology, processes, procedures, and functions to personnel and others in an organization is the primary focus of this business. New Horizons is a significant leader in providing training and other solutions for IT, security, applications, and other processes in businesses over the span of several decades already. In fact, New Horizons is the world’s largest independent IT training company.

What Does the Franchise Provide?

New Horizons is a software education franchise and provides its customers with two types of training: corporate training and career training. The company has been a leading force in the shift to digital based learning and online course development with online courses developed for students who are taking part in some very technical and professional training. There are many different kinds of course options for the participants, including: training in security, Microsoft Office products, Adobe software products, Cisco systems, Microsoft Technical software, and much more.

Software Education Franchise with Reputation and Experience

New Horizons has built its business over the years on its principles of excellence and motivation to help others reach their goals. This culture and attitude makes it a great education franchise opportunity to become involved with. It has only gained in its reputation over time, aligning itself with key IT players in the industry such as Microsoft and Cisco. The solutions and business model offered by this franchise will help anyone with a great network, solid skills, investment capital, passion, and a drive to help others.

What’s Required for the Software Education Franchise to Get Started?

There are some very basic items to check off your checklist to help you prepare for the journey to get started with a great education franchise with New Horizons. You will, at the very least, need liquid assets and a net worth baseline to open a franchise as well as some of the skills mentioned above.

To get started, you can complete a request for consideration and from there, you will get in touch with a development director to assess your situation. It’s also very beneficial to do some local market research and link up with the company at a virtual session to tour a facility for Discovery Day. From there, you will begin drafting a business plan and move forward with finalizing terms for the software education franchise.

If this sounds like the right fit for you, then contact us to learn more about how you can open up a franchise with New Horizons and use your passion and drive to help others get started on achieving their dreams.