IT Training: Franchising vs. Going It Alone

As you explore starting your own IT training business, it is important to consider all of your options. You can build a computer training franchise with all of the support of New Horizons or attempt to launch an independent computer training business. Here, we highlight some of the reasons New Horizons’ model and partnerships make us an attractive investment opportunity, especially when compared to starting an IT training business independently.

A Proven Model

You know what it takes to be a leader in the IT training industry. But New Horizons’ proven model primes your business for success. Our system has adapted and expanded as the complexities of the IT training industry have changed over the last 35 years. The intricacies of the New Horizons model make it possible for our franchise owners to keep their businesses current in an ever-changing industry.

Our sophisticated model works. New Horizons partners with Fortune 100-caliber companies, government agencies, and individual clients to provide classes and certifications to those seeking it, whether they are employees learning new companywide software or veterans using a federal grant to earn an educational certification. New Horizons franchise owners have a diverse clientele, which helps increase revenue streams and decrease dependence on a single sector or client.

New Horizons’ Guaranteed-to-Run Course Scheduling

New Horizons’ guaranteed-to-run course scheduling provides our franchise owners with the freedom to focus on business operations because the class schedule is consistent — and managed by New Horizons’ corporate team. As an owner, you will be able to spend your time networking in your community, leading your team, and strategizing for business growth. Our guaranteed-to-run course schedule also allows you to maximize your center’s profitability by eliminating your need for class-size minimums. If only one or two clients enroll in a specific course, you can place them in a pre-scheduled online class with clients from other New

Horizons centers — meaning the cost of the instructor is mitigated by fellow New Horizons franchise owners.

Owning and operating an independent IT training franchise requires you to manage operations, grow your business and motivate your staff, and you’ll shoulder some of the more mundane tasks of scheduling classes, calculating class sizes and canceling courses much to the chagrin of your clients. Being a New Horizons franchise owner means having the freedom to narrow your strategic focus.

Top Partnerships

For decades, New Horizons has built relationships with some of the top companies in the world. When we say we work with Fortune 100-caliber companies, that isn’t hyperbole; of the top Fortune 100 companies, New Horizons has worked with all 100 of them. Our expertise continues to prove how vital the training we provide is. And New Horizons franchise owners benefit from the partnerships we have fostered.

New Horizons businesses have engaged with clients like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and other technological leaders. As a New Horizons franchise owner, you have the opportunity to utilize well-established professional relationships to build your own business. The ability to combine your industry knowledge with New Horizons’ reputation for excellence will provide you with an invaluable business advantage.

If you are seeing the benefits of franchising with New Horizons, please contact us for more information about this franchise opportunity.