Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada at night

New Horizons is delighted to announce the amazing opportunity to open our IT education franchise in Winnipeg, MB! Winnipeg offers education franchises the chance to build their business in a community devoted to education. Additionally, this city offers you the chance to grow and expand your business over time. Finally, Winnipeg is also a wonderful place for you and your family to live.

Below are a few specifics on why you’ll love working and living in Winnipeg, MB.

Culture of Learning

The city’s devotion to education is the first advantage your New Horizons franchise will enjoy in Winnipeg. You can see how devoted Winnipeg is to education by the number of schools located in this city. A few of the colleges and universities located in Winnipeg include:

  • The University of Winnipeg
  • University of Manitoba
  • Red River College

When you build an education franchise in a city already devoted to learning, you hurdle many of the obstacles you encounter when convincing potential customers to try your services.

For instance, the citizens of Winnipeg already understand that additional education and training will help them climb the corporate ladder. You don’t need to convince them why education is helpful, you just need to show them why your New Horizons franchise is an incredible option.

Expand Your Business

In addition to its culture of learning, Winnipeg’s growing population helps you build your business empire. As the largest city in Manitoba and the eighth largest metro area in Canada, Winnipeg has an estimated population of 730,000.

This growing population helps you to expand your New Horizons franchise because there will always be new customers looking to jump-start their careers. Business savvy entrepreneurs can capitalize on this incredible opportunity and expand their business as they attract more and more customers.

Local Attractions

Winnipeg has a strong economic base with major employment in trade, manufacturing, and education. You can take advantage of this economic growth by starting your own franchise. When you’re not busy building your business empire, you can enjoy the wonderful attractions in Winnipeg. When you work and live in Winnipeg, you can visit the following sites:

  • Assiniboine Park
  • Folklorama
  • Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada
  • Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

These attractions bring in business and help to grow the local economy as can your local New Horizons franchise grow as well. With all of these lovely attractions close by, who wouldn’t love working and living in Winnipeg?

So, are you ready to tackle the challenge of running your own business in a city ripe with opportunity? Then move to Winnipeg, MB to open a New Horizons franchise today!

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