Reading, Berkshire

Why open a Reading franchise?

New Horizons is excited to announce that we are looking for someone ambitious with business management experience to open our newest franchise in Reading, Berkshire!

Reading is one of the biggest cities in Berkshire, and as such has a thriving economy that is essential to Berkshire’s success. In addition, there are numerous business support organizations that can help your Reading franchise get started and grow. If you are ready to become a part of a thriving industry, keep reading to learn why opening a New Horizons franchise in Reading is a smart business move.

Flourishing Economy

A strong economy is crucial to franchise success, which is why Reading makes such a great location for a franchise. Wages in Reading have been on the rise for the past decade, as has the number of startup companies. This exciting city is growing so quickly that it was named in the top ten cities driving the UK’s economic growth five years in a row by Centre for Cities. This economic importance is obvious when you look at the numbers: 20.6% of

Reading’s workforce works in professional occupations, a percentage nearly double that of the UK as a whole. In addition, even though it is the biggest city in the Southeast of England, the unemployment rate is consistently one of the smallest. Indeed, in 2011 just 2.3% of the workforce was registered as looking for work. Your Reading franchise will benefit from this economic stability, as well as the many business services, finance, and technology companies within Reading, many of which could benefit from New Horizons’ technology training and support services.

Resources for Business Owners

When you open a franchise in Reading you will have numerous resources available to help you get started and sustain your business. The Reading UK CIC is a community interest company that helps small businesses by promoting Reading.

The CIC partners public and private resources and professionals to encourage investment in the city and foster job growth through businesses of all sizes. The CIC is responsible for facilitating programmes that do these things, including a multi-million pound programme that seeks to get every person between the ages of 16 and 24 prepared to do their part in sustaining the economy. Your Reading franchise can benefit from the programmes that the CIC puts forth as they create a qualified workforce and business support networks.

The time to invest in New Horizons is now! A franchise in Reading has all the ingredients for success, and this opportunity will not last long. Take advantage of Reading’s strong economy by investing in this vibrant and growing city.

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