Ottawa Capital of Canada

New Horizons is proud to announce the exciting opportunity to open our IT education franchise in Ottawa, ON! Ottawa is an exciting opportunity for potential franchisees because it’s an oasis of learning, businesses, and culture.

So, why should you move to the capital of Canada and start your own New Horizons franchise?

Oasis of Learning

If you love learning and helping people fulfill their career dreams, New Horizons is the franchise for you. In fact, New Horizons is dedicated to helping those in business advance their careers through additional training. On top of that, New Horizons takes an innovative approach to education and combines it with a proven business model to help its franchisees achieve their career goals.

In addition to an innovative and proven business model, New Horizons franchise owners need an environment where education is valued. In Ottawa, there are many universities which encourages learning from its citizens. Ottawa is an oasis of learning and contains the following universities and colleges:

  • University of Ottawa
  • Carleton University
  • La Cité Collégiale
  • Algonquin College

While these schools are incredible for initial learning, education franchises like New Horizons allow full-time employees to learn skills essential to their career progression.

Opportunities for Growth

While Ottawa is an oasis of learning, it’s also an oasis for businesses. In fact, Ottawa attracts thousands of potential customers for businesses to build on. According to the latest census, Ottawa has a metropolitan population of 1,236,234. Since a majority of this population is employed and searching for ways to advance their careers, Ottawa is a fantastic city for New Horizon franchises.

More importantly, Ottawa offers businesses the chance to expand and grow every year. Over the past ten years, Ottawa’s population has increased by a phenomenal 7.9%. This means that every year, your pool of potential customers grows. Innovative and creative entrepreneurs will be able to take full advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

Cultural Attractions

In addition to earning more than $40 billion in gross domestic product and having numerous opportunities for growth, Ottawa also has fantastic cultural attractions for you to enjoy. When you work and live in the capital of Canada, you can visit any of the following attractions:

  • Canadian War Museum
  • Parliament Hill and Buildings
  • National Gallery of Canada
  • Peace Tower

So, do you want to enjoy these cultural attractions while taking advantage of local revenue that can be brought to your business? Then move to Ottawa, ON and open your own New Horizons franchise today!