New Horizons is delighted to announce the opportunity to open our IT franchise in the lovely city of Oakland, CA. In Oakland, entrepreneurs have the unique opportunity to build their business empire in a place that offers a rich culture of education and the chance to expand your business. This city also offers you the opportunity to balance your work and personal life by offering numerous escapes into nature.

Tap into a Culture of Education

Education franchises, such as New Horizons, need customers who understand the importance of education and these types of customers are exactly what Oakland offers to entrepreneurs. In Oakland, the citizens cherish education and this sentiment is proven by their many colleges and universities in the area. Some of these colleges and universities include:

  • California College of the Arts
  • Lincoln University
  • Mills College
  • Samuel Merritt University

Since there are so many colleges and universities in Oakland, a college education just gets you into the door at most jobs. Additional training is required if employees want to flourish and climb the corporate ladder. This is where New Horizons comes in. New Horizons offers its students the opportunity to gain the skills needed to give them a competitive edge in the workforce today.

Expand Your Business

While Oakland is a phenomenal place for education franchises in particular, it’s also an excellent place to for any business to grow and expand. For example, all businesses need a large customer base to build on and ideally, that customer base naturally grows over time.

Oakland, CA offers New Horizon franchises this ideal customer base because it has a large and growing population. In fact, Oakland’s population has grown by an astonishing 5.9% over the past four years and currently has a population of over 413,775.

With a growing population, Oakland offers innovative entrepreneurs the chance to expand through the city and cultivate new clients year after year.


Oakland is a major West Coast Port, representing $41 billion of international trade and a GDP of $360.4 billion. Oakland has recently found home to major high technology and green energy companies, and in 2014, was the fifth ranked city for tech entrepreneurs.

With this continuous growth of revenue and technology jobs, this is a great place to start your own New Horizons franchise.

Escape into Nature

As well as being a superb place for your business by being a large center for international trade, Oakland is a fantastic place to live. For instance, Oakland has quite a few natural sites for you to enjoy, including:

  • East Bay Regional Park District
  • Lake Merritt
  • Redwood Regional Park
  • Tilden Nature Area

These natural sites give you the opportunity to escape into nature to help you unwind and prepare to take on the next exciting, but challenging venture of running your own IT education franchise.

So, do you want to open your education business in a city that offers your business the chance to grow and expand? Do you also want to live in a city where you can easily enjoy nature? If so, open your New Horizons franchise in Oakland, CA today!