Leeds Town Hall

Why Invest in a Leeds Franchise?

New Horizons is excited to announce that our latest franchise opportunity is in Leeds. If you’re looking for an investment opportunity in one of the most in-demand industries, a New Horizons technology training franchise in Leeds is the choice for you. Your Leeds franchise will be able to utilize the city’s strong economy to establish and grow a thriving business. In addition, the myriad of business support resources that are available in Leeds can help you get started on the right path. Opening a New Horizons franchise in Leeds is a wise business decision that will help you maximize your business and technology skills.

Economic Powerhouse

Leeds is one of the strongest economies in the United Kingdom, largely because it’s the biggest and most successful finance and business sector besides London and the third largest manufacturing centre in the country. Both the population and the economy of Leeds are ranked the fastest growing in the nation besides London, and this growth is expected to continue. Between 2015 and 2025, the economy in Leeds is projected to grow by 25% with financial and business services expected to generate at least half of that growth. These economic conditions are ideal for a New Horizons franchise, in which you will be training companies about fully utilizing technology in the workplace.

As a business services franchise, your New Horizons franchise in Leeds will be an asset in this growing industry as well as the other diverse industries in the area. Indeed, the Leeds economy is the most diverse of all the major cities in the United Kingdom, with successful retail, tourism, manufacturing, creative, and digital industries. Your Leeds franchise will be able to benefit from this economic diversity as well, because a diverse economy tends to be more recession resistant.

Leeds Chamber of Commerce

When you own a franchise in Leeds, it will be a great benefit to you to become a member of the city’s Chamber of Commerce. Chamber of Commerce membership allows your Leeds franchise to promote your business on all Chamber of Commerce publications, including social media and other online and print resources that the Chamber produces. This organization is operated by its members, for its members, so your membership gives you business and networking support that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. These networking opportunities can be integral to your business’ success; making corporate contacts through the Chamber of Commerce can help you establish a clientele of technology trainees, earning you new business all the time. If you can take advantage of this amazing resource, your franchise in Leeds will already be a step ahead.

Leeds’ growing economy and thriving Chamber of Commerce make it the ideal location for your New Horizons franchise. Opening a franchise in this dynamic city can be the first step toward your new career. To find out what it takes to open a New Horizons franchise in Leeds, click this LINK to get started.


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