Johannesburg, South Africa

Why open a Johannesburg franchise?

If you are looking for the opportunity to invest in a franchise in Johannesburg, look no further than New Horizons, the technology education company of the world.

We are looking for someone who understands technology and business management to open a franchise in Johannesburg, Gauteng. Johannesburg is an up and coming world economic center, with a crucial economy in South Africa. In addition, Johannesburg is investing millions into its technology, in order to foster growth in this ever important industry. Keep reading for more details about opening a franchise in Johannesburg.

Key Economy for South Africa

Johannesburg is one of the most important cities in South Africa, both economically and politically. As the capital of Gauteng, Johannesburg plays a key part in the province’s economy and culture. Johannesburg makes up 17 percent of South Africa’s gross value added (GVA) and a whopping 44 percent of Gauteng’s GVA; in addition, Johannesburg performs better in nearly all major economic indicators than Gauteng and South Africa as a whole, including economic growth.

From 1996-2004, Johannesburg’s economy grew by an average of 4.5 percent per year. During that same period, the national economy grew by only 2.9 percent on average. The growth continued to increase and by 2015, it reached a growth of 5.1%. You can take advantage of these favorable economic conditions by opening a franchise in Johannesburg. The stable economy creates a strong foundation on which your franchise can grow and prosper.

Joburg ICT Sector Support Programme

In order to maintain its economic growth, Johannesburg is investing time and resources into developing technology in the city via the Joburg ICT Sector Support Programme. Deemed one of the five high growth sectors, ICT is one industry that Johannesburg is working to modernize and support with a budget of R7 million. The Johannesburg city government hopes that the programme will encourage growth in the important ICT sector by creating the necessary infrastructure, and encouraging investment in ICT in the city.

Your Johannesburg franchise will have a well-educated workforce available to choose from, as a key part of the ICT Sector Support Programme is helping Johannesburg residents develop the skills required for ICT professions. There are several training centers within Johannesburg in which people can learn about computers and other technology to be better prepared for a career in the industry.

In addition, Johannesburg has worked hard to develop infrastructure through the Wireless Broadband Connectivity Programme. This infrastructure ensures that the city has trustworthy wireless networks, giving it a competitive edge when ICT companies are looking to invest in the city.

Johannesburg’s developing economy and institutionalized support for ICT companies make it the ideal location for a New Horizons franchise. You will enjoy the benefits of a strong economic base and a government that is dedicated to giving your Johannesburg franchise everything it needs.

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