Honolulu, Hawaii

Why open a Hononlulu franchise?

Honolulu is more than just an island paradise: it is also an economic superstar, which is why we at New Horizons are offering it as the location for our newest franchise!

If you are a hard worker who understands business management and technology, you are the perfect candidate for a New Horizons franchise owner. Honolulu has so much to offer a franchisee, including the aforementioned powerful economy and a valuable network of business resources. If you are interested in opening an information technology franchise in Honolulu, this might be the opportunity you have been waiting for! Keep reading to learn more about what Honolulu can do for your business.

Robust Economy

Honolulu’s population of nearly one million people enjoys a strong and diverse economy. Although agriculture and tourism have historically been the biggest industries in the city, Honolulu has seen growth in many diverse industries as well including defense, real estate, retail, aquaculture, and transportation. As the key transportation crossroads of the Pacific Ocean, Honolulu is a key location for a Foreign Trade Zone.

Your Honolulu franchise will benefit from this diverse economy for a few main reasons: first, as a technology training business, New Horizons relies on diverse industries that depend on technology to make up our clientele, which includes most of the industries that make up Honolulu’s economy. In addition, this diverse economy is more likely to resist economic downturn.

Hawaii Business Consulting Resources Inc.

When you open a franchise in Honolulu it is important to utilize all the resources that are available to you, including the Hawaii Business Consulting Resources Inc., or BCR. The professionals at the BCR can help your Honolulu franchise with recruiting, consulting, planning, and hiring, as well as marketing and researching your business area.

Developing a relationship with the BCR can help you at any stage of business ownership, as they tailor their services to each business regardless of their experience level. The BCR also provides essential human resources services to businesses who wish to outsource such things, making your job as owner easier when it comes to hiring.

Honolulu is the ideal location for a New Horizons franchise. The city’s strong economy and valuable business resources provide everything a New Horizons franchise owner could need to succeed. And that’s not to mention the sandy beaches and warm climate that Hawaii is famous for.

If you are ready to start your investment in a Honolulu franchise, click this LINK and get started now.


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