Glasgow, Scotland,

Why Invest in a Glasgow Franchise?

If you’re looking for an investment opportunity that will allow you to use your business savvy and technological skills, look no further than New Horizons. At New Horizons, we offer industry leading technology training in the areas we serve. We are currently seeking someone who understands running a business to open the newest franchise in Glasgow. Glasgow’s steadily growing economy will be a boon to our franchise owner there. In addition, your Glasgow franchise will be able to benefit from the burgeoning technology industry. This dynamic city’s growth makes it the ideal backdrop for a New Horizon’s franchise.

Flourishing Economy

Glasgow’s growing economy is no secret, which is why it’s continuing to grow at such a fast rate. A large portion of the increasing workforce comes from people immigrating into the city to live and work. As one of the fastest growing cities in the entire UK and Scotland’s largest urban economy, Glasgow has added 3,500 new jobs since 2012 in financial and business services alone. In addition, Glasgow has been ranked for several years in a row as one of the most competitive urban areas outside London, going from the 23rd spot in 2012 to the 16th spot in 2013. A huge factor in the astronomical growth Glasgow has been experiencing is the diversification of the economy; real estate, healthcare, education, retail, and service industries have all seen huge growth in the last decade. Among the service industries, most of them are professional services such as finance and IT. As the city and its economy continue to expand, your Glasgow franchise will be able to expand along with it.

Technology Development

The city of Glasgow understands that technology is an integral part of our business and personal lives now, which is why the government developed the Digital Glasgow Project, which is a series of public initiatives aimed at adding to the connectivity of the city. Some of these initiatives include free Wi-Fi in designated areas of the city, updating broadband in key development sections, and a program to incentivize tech startups to do business in Glasgow. Your Glasgow franchise could be an integral part of some of these initiatives as you train your clients in technology usage. As the city implements programs to add Wi-Fi and increased broadband citywide, your franchise can assist in training businesses and individuals in how to fully utilize this expanding technology.

At New Horizons, we recognize the importance of technology in our daily lives. It’s our mission to provide our clients with the most up-to-date technology training possible by offering world-class support to our franchise owners throughout the world. If you’re interested in becoming our latest owner of a franchise in Glasgow, click this LINK to learn the next step in your investment.