Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
New Horizons is excited to announce the opportunity to open our IT education franchise in the extraordinary city of Edmonton, AB! Edmonton presents a unique opportunity for potential franchises because of its focus on career enhancement, numerous opportunities to build your business, and a fantastic quality of life. Below are a few reasons why you’ll love working and living in Edmonton, AB. Career Enhancement We all know that additional education is one of the best ways to advance your career. However, you need to live in a city that highly values education in order to have the opportunity to receive that additional training and this is exactly what Edmonton offers. The culture of Edmonton values education so much that this city is home to one of Canada’s most prestigious schools: The University of Alberta. With the university right down the street, the citizens of Edmonton know they need to seek out as much training as possible to remain competitive.

New Horizons fits in perfect with Edmonton’s focus on education and thriving business environment. As an education franchise, New Horizons specializes in teaching IT skills to people who are looking for a way to advance their careers. By opening a New Horizons franchise in Edmonton, you’ll have the opportunity to help others realize their career goals as well as your own.

Build Your Business

In addition to having an ideal environment for an education franchise, Edmonton also has opportunities for you to build and expand your business. For instance, Edmonton currently has a population of 1,159,869 and this number is growing each year. Additionally, 76% of all employees want to advance their career.

With so many potential customers and more coming every year, Edmonton is a fantastic place to start building your business empire.

Quality of Life

Edmonton, AB is a major centre for the gas and oil industry, earning the name as “Oil Captital of Canada”. On top of this high natural resource revenue, Edmonton is also a wonderful place to live because it has numerous cultural attractions that you can enjoy as well that can attract many customers to your business. When you work and live in Edmonton, you can enjoy any of the following exciting sites:

  • Winspear Centre
  • West Edmonton Mall
  • Royal Alberta Museum
  • Devonian Botanic Garden

With all of these cultural attractions nearby, there will be many potential customers for your businesss. Take advantage of the revenue brought into the the city to help jumpstart your new franchise.

So, are you ready to take on the challenge of running your own education franchise? Then open a New Horizons franchise in Edmonton today!

If you are ready to get your business started, click this LINK to learn the first step in opening a New Horizons franchise in Edmonton.


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