Calgary Night Landscape

New Horizons is ecstatic to announce the incredible opportunity to open our IT education franchise in Calgary, AB! Calgary offers potential franchisees the chance to build their business in a city built on education. Additionally, this city is not only a wonderful place to live, but it also offers franchisees the chance to expand their business in the future.

Below is some more information on why Calgary is a phenomenal opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Culture of Education

Calgary has a long and rich tradition of education, as evidenced by its many universities and colleges. Below are some of the best schools located in Calgary.

  • Mount Royal University
  • Columbia College
  • University of Calgary
  • Bow Valley College

Having so many universities and colleges available has cultivated a strong tradition of education in Calgary. However, while these schools offer a great foundation for learning, full-time employees will always need additional training and education to remain competitive. New Horizons fulfills this need by helping those pursuing business to achieve their career goals.

Population Growth

In addition to having the ideal culture for education franchises, Calgary also has a sizeable population. In fact, over 1,214,839 people call Calgary home, making Calgary the largest city in Alberta and the fifth largest city in Canada.

This growing population means that there will be plenty of potential customers for your New Horizon franchise to attract. Moreover, there will always be opportunities for your business to grow and expand in such a large city.

Attractions and Events

Alberta has a huge revenue coming in from their oil and natural gas resources. With a franchise in Alberta, you can take advantage of this economic growth as well as the sites and events that attract cutomers from all over the area. It’s no wonder Calgary’s population is exploding when you can enjoy the following:

  • Heritage Park Historical Village
  • Calgary Stampede
  • The Calgary Zoo
  • Calgary Tower

Don’t forget that when you work in Calgary, you and your family can enjoy these attractions too!

In summary, Calgary is an extraordinary place for you and your business. It has an excellent focus on education, strong population growth, and enjoyable recreational opportunities. So, what are you waiting for? Open your own New Horizons in Calgary today!

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