The $368B industry is growing. Smart tech franchises like New Horizons are poised to meet the growing demand.

Technology is transformative. Businesses that use it well can achieve breakthroughs. Those that don’t adapt eventually become relics. But the pace of technological change creates challenges for organizations, and they need help to adjust to both new technologies and the changes tech makes possible — such as increased remote working.

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers is the world’s largest independent IT training company. With 2,900+ courses offered from Centers in 35 countries, our tech franchises have the ability to deliver live, instructor-led training and virtual classrooms 24/7. This gives our franchisees the opportunity to own and operate a computer training business delivering the best IT training in the world. Another 5,000 self-paced courses provide maximum flexibility for customers and a highly profitable low-delivery-cost service for franchisees to sell.

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Franchisee Insights

Fragmented industry creates huge opportunity to capture market share

Stephan Scholtissek, a New Horizons franchise owner who oversees Germany, Austria and Switzerland, says IT training in his territory is a €5 billion market. The opportunity to capture market share is huge.

“We were not very well known in my territory when I started in 2011, but neither are our competitors,” Scholtissek says. “In our area, there are no really big companies dominating the market. We have 10 different Centers in Germany, and all of them have a different set of competitors.”

That gives Scholtissek and his team the opportunity to target the key decision-makers in his various markets to drive sales. His business stands out because of its ability to effectively market services, offer superior services, and rapidly adapt to remote learning.

3 key advantages enjoyed by franchisees

With our global reach and expansive network, we offer more training courses over more time slots in more locations than any other IT training company. Our franchises have greater access to training tools and resources than smaller companies, which means superior training. Our ability to share those resources means franchisees can participate in revenue splits when they sell classes offered by another Center, allowing them to maximize revenue opportunities without incurring additional labor costs.

Khaled Aldryann, Vice President for Franchise Development in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, touts three main advantages for franchise investors: New Horizons’ global reputation, our vast network and our ability to provide strong support to franchisees both locally and internationally.

“The support we provide to our existing investors and our new investors is available 24/7,” Aldryaan says. “We have our own well-written, well-developed manuals, which are accessible to all the divisions inside any branch, from sales managers to the operations manager, based on proven systems used by all our franchises.

“That makes us very adaptive; we can adapt to whatever situation we are facing and provide the best possible service to our customers.”

The advantage of scale: A deep bench of talent

The sheer number of expert instructors in the New Horizons system gives us an incredible ability to rapidly design and offer new courses. When new owners join the organization, they immediately tap into a world-beating R&D resource for spotting and mastering emerging technology.

Our global footprint and our resources have made us a certified training partner for Microsoft, Red Hat, VMWare, Cisco, CompTIA, Adobe, Citrix, Oracle and Google, among others.

COVID-19 has forced more companies to turn to remote working solutions and accelerated the demand for dependable remote learning resources. The $368 billion technology training industry isn’t going away, and a company that has remained relevant since 1982 isn’t going away, either.