If you’ve spent time talking to fellow entrepreneurs, chances are you’ve heard their pain on a number of topics, especially their fear that they branched off too soon, before they were fully prepared, and the difficulty they faced being an unknown in a competitive environment.

And then there’s the conundrum of growth. How can entrepreneurs grow or pass down a thriving business to a family member when they can barely manage day-to-day operations?

Instead of being discouraged by stories of struggles like these, consider how you can leverage business success through franchising—especially a New Horizons franchise. Opening your horizons to New Horizons can allow you to sidestep these three common entrepreneurial dreads and achieve the sustained happiness and success you know you’re willing to work for. Consider:

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A New Horizons Franchise Fully Prepares You for All the Challenges You Will Face

Many fledgling entrepreneurs confess to “winging it” and learning hard lessons “on the fly,” but New Horizons franchisees set out on their journey fully prepared. They receive two weeks of comprehensive training followed by one week of follow-up operational assistance in their local market. This initial training covers:

  • The history of New Horizons
  • The roles of a general manager, sales managers, and account executives
  • An overview of New Horizons resources and tools
  • Best practices for hiring, development, operations, and training
  • Training schedule development
  • Marketing strategies
  • Inter-franchise operations
  • Financial management and reporting
  • Mentored learning

Once a New Horizons franchise is open and ready to dazzle a new group of customers, ongoing support and guidance for franchisees are only a phone call away. New Horizons also hosts regional meetings, annual conferences, and venues for franchisees to gather and exchange ideas. The New Horizons philosophy is that learning should be a lifelong process, but not at the expense of a solid and comprehensive start.

New Horizons Boasts a Stellar Reputation in the IT Training Industry

Many fledgling entrepreneurs struggle for years to establish their businesses and make a name for themselves, but New Horizons offers the advantage of being a globally known and respected enterprise. New Horizons operates 300 computer training centers in 70 countries around the world, which offers franchisees instant name recognition. And that name is highly respected among such industry leaders as Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA, for whom New Horizons serves as an official training partner.

New Horizons franchisees still have to engage in marketing initiatives, but each is fortified by the strength of the New Horizons name.

New Horizons Is Ready to Grow When You Are

Many fledgling entrepreneurs adopt a one-day-at-a-time mindset, but New Horizons makes it clear from the start that growth is a worthwhile goal. Naturally, only you should decide whether you want to grow one New Horizons franchise or become a multi-unit franchisee. Either way, New Horizons’ ongoing training and support, in addition to the advice and insight of current franchisees—will smooth the way. With New Horizons, you can embrace the notion of growth with confidence and realize that establishing a business is not strictly the domain of millionaires.

When you’re ready to achieve business success through a New Horizons franchise, call one of our experienced ambassadors for a consultation.

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