Microsoft PowerPoint plays an integral part in many different kinds of presentation. Used correctly, it can allow you to embellish your presentation with images and sound bites to keep the audience interested. However, not everyone knows how to use PowerPoint to its full potential. Many presentations end up being dull, clichéd and poorly delivered. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to improve your PowerPoint skills and produce better presentations:

Have a Goal

The majority of presentations (at least in the business world) have to be either informative or persuasive. Before putting any information into PowerPoint, decide on a goal for your presentation. If your presentation is informative, decide exactly what you want your audience to know. If you are producing a persuasive presentation, you audience should know exactly what you want them to do at the end. Once you’ve decided upon your presentation’s goal, you can then come up with a coherent structure for it.

Use High Contrast Colours and Large Fonts

Although it can be tempting to add lots of eye-catching design elements into your PowerPoint document, your primary goal should be a presentation that is clear for the audience. This may mean that you have to produce a more understated design. Colours with high contrast work well, particularly a dark background with light-coloured text. This makes the text really stand out.

You should also use a large font for the text on your PowerPoint slides. It should be large enough for every audience member to read it clearly. Never use text below 24 points in size. Ideally your text should be sized between 28 and 32 points, and your headings between 36 and 44 points.

Use Charts

Charts, graphs and tables can be used to present information to your audience in a more visually interesting way. Think about the type of chart that will display your data in the most logical way. You may also have to split up more complicated information into smaller charts. You can learn how to produce charts from your data during Microsoft training London.

Have Training

Many people produce poorly-thought out PowerPoint presentations because they are not confident using the software. There are a number of PowerPoint courses in London that can teach you how to get all the potential benefits out of the software package. By undertaking IT training, you will not only learn how to produce better presentations, you overall computer skills could also improve.


Once your presentation is complete, practice it as many times as you can. Get comfortable with exactly what you are going to say and when you are going to say it (without over rehearsing – your presentation should still sound spontaneous and natural). Practice with the computer and projector you will be using. This will help avoid technical difficulties on that day of your presentation. When it comes to the day of your presentation, you should have a talk that affects the audience and keeps them interested the whole way through.