How to Form Connections in Your Community

As you build and grow your New Horizons business, it will be vital to reach out to your community; this is where you will find clients, referrals and support. You can form connections by leveraging the contacts you already have, utilizing New Horizons’ proven marketing strategies, networking and being visible to potential clients.

Leveraging Career Contacts

You’ve spent years building a professional network in your industry, but always to the benefit of someone else’s bottom line. Now it’s your turn to benefit from those stellar relationship-building skills. This is the time to reach out to contacts you’ve interacted with over the years, whether you were longtime colleagues, met at industry events or just moved in the same IT circles.

These are the people who trust your industry experience and business acumen. Especially in the early stages of growth, this high level of trust is crucial to leverage and will encourage these contacts to spread the word about your new IT training business. What’s more, they may even join your client roster themselves.

Utilizing Marketing Strategies

New Horizons supports our franchisees by providing the insight and training to complement the knowledge they already have about the IT training industry. During training, we educate you on the marketing strategies we’ve found most effective in our decades of experience. The marketing tactics and best practices proven in other markets are seamlessly supported by New Horizons’ national and international marketing efforts continuously working on your behalf. Our marketing mix, including search engine optimization and global brand awareness efforts, helps you to make the connections you need to grow your business.

Networking with Your Fellow Business Leaders

An excellent way to form connections in your community is to be a mainstay in business owner circles, both professional and personal. You’ve heard time and time again about the importance of networking, but it’s hard to overstate the positive impact it could have on your business, especially a business like New Horizons that thrives on partnerships with other local organizations. Consider joining your local chamber of commerce, if you aren’t already a member. It’s a great way to keep a pulse on the business climate in your community.

From morning coffee events to end-of-day cocktail parties, networking opportunities are abundant in every major city. Not every event will be a raging success, but soon you’ll find the groups that provide the most value and you can hyper-focus your efforts in those circles.

Being Visible in Your Community

Community visibility is a no-brainer for any small business. Your potential clients need to know you exist and that you’re ready to provide them — and their companies — with world-class IT training. You can boost your exposure in myriad ways. Bring your expertise directly to other businesses by giving informational lectures on behalf of New Horizons. You can also sponsor local events or host a booth at career fairs. As long as you are getting your business in front of potential customers, you are forming community connections that can help your New Horizons business both now and in the future.

You know what it takes to make community connections that can benefit an IT training business. Are you ready to start your New Horizons franchise? If so, start your journey by reaching out for more information.