Technological innovation is either one of the greatest boons to businesses or a trigger to throw the keyboard across the room.

For instance, when a business can’t leverage the advancements behind a piece of customer relationship management (CRM) software to automate their sales and marketing and bring order to their customer database, that means a loss of time, money, energy and quite possibly morale around the office.

And advancements are happening all the time as tech changes streamline the way businesses view their customers, approach marketing, advertise and connect on social media. Just consider this: Smartphones, which about two-thirds of people in the U.S. have these days, are millions of times more powerful than the technology behind the moon landing in 1969.

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Is the Computer Training Market Really That Strong?

Computers and software are just tools — without the right approach, they’ll just collect dust and fail to have an impact.

Another thing to consider is that software, information technology and cloud computing are constantly in a state of flux and improving the ways businesses interface with their customers, vendors, other businesses and the world at large. Any business wanting to stay abreast and reap the benefits of those changes needs to know how to use fresh-down-the-pike technology in ways that benefit that company.

We already alluded to the fact that smartphones are leaps and bounds ahead of yesteryear’s technology, which implies that tech is trending toward more complexity in its attempt to tackle tougher and more intractable problems.

How can a company use CRM to automate sales? What’s the best way to increase user engagement on social media?

Are employees computer literate enough to succeed? Can cloud computing make it so that all of the employees at a given company can access data from anywhere and have more data security?

Those are all great questions, to which computer training franchises is the only answer.

A $28 Billion Industry Impacting Millions

The global market for technical computer training was recently estimated to be around $28 billion, of which more than $8,000, on average, went to train information systems staff and about half that amount went toward general staff training.

The computer training market is so robust because there’s a widespread recognition that things like IT and cloud computing can dramatically improve company’s data security, sales and marketing while enhancing convenience for staff and confidence from customers.

Another reason the computer training franchising market is so promising right now is that regular everyday people and managers alike desperately need to keep pace with tech changes. Corporate managers often undertake computer training so that they can bring their entire staff up to speed on how to use the latest piece of software, and they might even have other employees take the computer training courses with them.

Almost every company could benefit from computer training. Whether they just want to train their staff, find cutting-edge marketing solutions, take online courses, engage on social media or bolster their data security, computer training is a must.

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

New Horizons is constantly searching for fresh faces to bring IT solutions to more satisfied customers around the country.

While a sales and marketing background would be nice to have, what’s more essential is that prospective franchisees appreciate the IT needs in their local areas and bring their stellar communication skills and networked contacts to the franchise.

New Horizons brings a tested business model for franchisees to consider. Franchisees should try to stay true to that model while negotiating the local IT needs of customers, overseeing staff and adapting to changing market conditions.

Interested in learning more about the growth of the IT industry and how you can get in on this growth by opening a New Horizons franchise? Then contact us today!

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