When embarking on a new venture, every prospective business owner should be concerned with profitability. Profitability is the primary goal of all businesses, without it the business will not survive, particularly in today’s economic climate. To assist you in your journey, we’re sharing our top ten tips for increasing profitability in our brand new and exclusive FREE guide.

New Horizons is the world’s largest independent IT training company. We provide a wide range of computer training and complementary programmes to both individuals and companies from our dedicated learning centres. Over the last 30 years, we have made 30+ million people more valuable through our training services.

Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect in our free guide:

Have multiple revenue streams

Undoubtedly your business will have a core revenue stream, one upon which you have been able to develop and build your operation. However, it’s important to recognise that your clients have multiple needs, many of which are linked to your main product or service. Review your market and ascertain what complementary services you can provide in-house at minimum cost, whilst offering maximum benefit to your clients. This really is the perfect opportunity for a win-win situation where both parties can take advantage of the convenience and cost-effectiveness offered by your diversification.

 As a New Horizons franchisee, your training centre becomes the single source of IT and complementary training for many small, medium and large organisations as well as individuals improving their careers. By being the ‘go to’ training centre, our franchisees thrive no matter what their client’s requirements.

New Horizons is seeking to partner with people for the long term in order to create a UK-wide network, in all major cities, of high-calibre individuals who are committed to achieving financial freedom whilst ensuring the success of others.

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