New Horizons is continuously seeking new franchise owner candidates to join the existing network of successful owners. New Horizons is committed to providing world-class IT education and creating satisfied customers, so we look for candidates that share our level of passion. Ideal franchise candidates should also have a high degree of financial stability. Certain types of experience have shown to be conducive to success, as well.

Franchisee Profile

Successful New Horizons franchise owners come from diverse backgrounds, but are committed to changing lives by providing high quality IT training. Individuals such as IT professionals and franchisees of other companies often find success with New Horizons. Companies that are looking to expand into the IT training field may also find the New Horizons franchise model to be compatible with their goals.

Ideal New Horizons franchise owner candidates may have experience in the following areas:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Business and operation management
  • Franchising
  • IT Support
  • IT Training
  • Business ownership

Personal Requirements

Franchise owner candidates should be able to speak English fluently. Initial franchise training is conducted in English and a strong understanding of the English language is conducive to franchise success once training centers are opened. Franchise owner candidates should also have a strong network of local contacts and a good understanding of the culture and IT training needs in the area where the training center will be opened. Candidates should be driven to dominate the local market and have the business knowledge, energy, and enthusiasm needed to do so.

Flexibility and Leadership

Franchise owner candidates should be willing and able to follow the New Horizons franchise business model, but should be flexible enough to adapt to market demands and local culture in the area where the franchise is opened. Franchise owners should be able to lead and manage a team, taking a proactive approach to the business and guide success. Franchise candidates should also be able to manage conflicts and make tough decisions when necessary.

Financial Requirements

New Horizons franchise owners should have access to financial resources in order to support their information technology franchise through initial opening phases and to overcome obstacles while getting the business up and running. Franchise owner candidates should have a net worth of at least $500,000 USD. To be considered, franchise candidates must also have at least $250,000 in liquid assets. Exact costs and financial needs may vary slightly depending on the area in which the location is opened; a New Horizons Development Director may be able to provide more specific information regarding financial requirements.