By joining New Horizons, you’ll have improved access to relationships with various industry vendors, both in IT and the education industry. Join as a sales and delivery partner as you benefit from and contribute to the global training schedule and instructor resource pool. You’ll have the ability to truly benchmark your business against peers and know where your business is exceeding industry standards and where it is lacking. You simply can’t ask your competition locally, yet you will be able to ask New Horizons peers globally to help you succeed.

This Path Is For You If …

You own or operate an existing computer training center and you simply aren’t seeing the growth you would like. Take advantage of our global training network of like-minded entrepreneurs who can help expand the scope and range of your IT training business. You want to increase revenue and decrease costs while being a member of a top-notch industry team.

We will help improve your vendor relationships, get contracts with large companies, provide award-winning virtual learning courses to your customers, get access to a robust and innovative training management system, and join a global network of like-minded entrepreneurs. You’ll get access to reduced costs on products and services, systemization of sales and marketing strategies, immediate ability to offer hundreds of virtual courses, and best practices and operational processes to help you increase productivity and business effectiveness, including SEO, SEM, and SMM.