Franchise Success

Franchise Success

Franchise owners provide local knowledge that can be critical when it comes to connecting with clients. New Horizons provides tools, content, learning expertise, and technologies that are critical to the operation of a successful informational technology franchise. Together, franchise owners and New Horizons’ support create a winning formula that is a recipe for success.

Find out what type of franchising business is right for you.

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What you will get from us as a franchise owner.

What you will be able to do with your franchise business.

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  • Proven Support & Business Model
  • To Both Customers & Franchisees.
  • 35 Years in the Business
  • Award-Winning Programming
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  • Adaptable Learning Methods
  • Diversified Learning Methods: Integrated Learnings, Online LIVE, Mentored Learning Programs
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  • Teach In-Demand Skills
  • World’s Largest Microsoft Training Organization
  • Help Employees Working at Startups to Fortune 100s
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  • Gain Industry Access Trillion-Dollar Industry
  • Software Partners: Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, CompTIA, Novell Suse Linux, VMWare, and More

Here’s a look at the franchising process:

  • Comprehensive Training: Includes courses in company history, resources, marketing strategies, New Horizons programming, financial management/reporting, and more.
  • Initial Support: New Horizons provides up to one week of follow-up training after a new franchise location opens. Proprietary information and related materials are provided for training the staff, along with manuals and recordings.
  • Continued Guidance & Consultancy: New Horizons holds conferences every year to discuss industry trends, sales techniques, performance standards, personnel training, new innovations, and any other pertinent information. Franchisees may request guidance and ask questions over the phone, through email, or through the New Horizons Extranet.