South Africa

Why invest in a New Horizons franchise in South Africa?

Technological Expansion

South Africa is a rapidly growing economic centre of the world, and as such is improving the necessary infrastructure to continue this growth in many of its biggest cities. Even though the country’s network is already 99.9% digital and is made up of the latest and greatest technology, several cities are working to take it one step further. Johannesburg, for one, has adopted programmes that work actively to improve five major growth sectors, one of which is ICT. The ICT industry will receive its share of the R7-million that has been allocated to improve these sectors. Specifically, the ICT Sector Support Programme will help the city compete globally by focusing on skills development, research and development, and encouraging investment. One particular programme is dedicated to broadening access to broadband throughout the city. This initiative in Johannesburg is typical of many of the big cities in South Africa. Indeed, nationwide the Technology Innovation Agency is working to encourage technological growth by partnering with various local, federal, and private organizations and investing millions in research and innovation. The TIA is invested in all aspects of technology, including manufacturing, green systems, and of course internet and computers.

Rapidly Growing Industry

In part because of the government support and encouragement, the ICT industry in South Africa is expanding. Nearly all companies and businesses rely on computers; everything from ringing up groceries to working in telecommunications to running a credit check requires a computer in today’s world, which is why so many companies rely on ICT professionals to train their employees. In 2010, ICT and telecommunications spending nationwide was $26 billion. Your South Africa franchise can undoubtedly benefit by entering into this huge industry. One of the many perks of investing in New Horizons is our international reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction. Indeed, because we already have clients all over the world, some of our existing clients may have offices in South Africa. In such situations as these, often the client will begin training their employees at the new, conveniently located New Horizons location near them. Your South Africa franchise will be able to grow from such clients as these, as well as others who know the New Horizons name and reputation.

Investing in a New Horizons franchise in South Africa is not just an investment in your future. It is also an investment in a proven business with an established clientele. With the outstanding technological infrastructure in South Africa, the decision to invest there is a no brainer. If you are ready to learn the next step in opening your New Horizons franchise in South Africa, click this LINK to get started.



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