Why Invest in a New Zealand Franchise?

New Zealand has traditionally been a manufacturing hub, but in recent years, technology has blossomed into one of the biggest industries in the nation. There are boundless opportunities for technology franchises in New Zealand, and New Horizons is looking for someone to take advantage of this growth!

NZ Tech

New Zealand Technology Industry Association, or NZ Tech, is a non-profit that is dedicated to furthering technology in New Zealand. NZ Tech conducted research that was then peer reviewed to determine just how important technology is in New Zealand. The results were astonishing.

NZ Tech found that ICT companies employed 5% of the population in 2015, or approximately 100,000 people. An additional 20,000 people are employed in IT fields in other industries. In addition to providing 5% of the jobs in New Zealand, the tech sector is responsible for $32.2 billion in economic output.

These staggering numbers show just how important technology is in New Zealand. Because there are so many jobs in this sector, a New Horizons franchise can provide a necessary service to those who would like to learn the skills necessary to work in technology. A technology training franchise like New Horizons would be well suited to this blossoming tech industry.

Opportunities in Auckland

Technology franchise opportunities abound in New Zealand, and Auckland is especially well suited to the industry. Though Wellington has long been the biggest hub of technology companies in New Zealand, Auckland’s up and coming technology sector is starting to rival the capital’s.

Between 2005 and 2015, IT in Auckland has grown by 80%. Part of the reason for such growth is that Auckland’s population has been growing at a high rate; indeed, the population growth shows no sign of stopping, which is great news for an IT franchise.

Opening a New Horizons franchise in Auckland is a great way to take advantage of the city’s huge growth. As the IT sector grows in Auckland, more people will be joining the workforce. Learning the necessary skills at an IT training franchise will help the people of Auckland, and New Zealand as a whole, prepare to work in this exciting field.

From Wellington to Christchurch to Auckland, New Zealand has proven that technology is an important part of the economy. Investing in a New Horizons franchise in New Zealand is a great way to take advantage of this expanding sector.