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Why invest in a New Horizons franchise in the United Kingdom?

New Horizons, an industry leading computer training franchise, is looking for someone to open our newest franchise in the United Kingdom. If you are a hard worker with an understanding of technology and business management, we want you to invest with us. The United Kingdom is an ideal country to open an computer training franchise, as the IT industry is growing rapidly. In addition, the country is working toward improving its connectivity with many cities implementing programs to establish the necessary infrastructure for a growing technological sector. Wherever you choose to open a franchise in the United Kingdom, you will have the tools your computer training business needs to get started.

Growing IT Industry

As technology continues to advance it is growing in importance in our personal and professional lives. As such, the industry is experiencing huge growth in the UK as more and more businesses depend on technology to work. Indeed, employment in IT in the United Kingdom is projected to grow at 1.62% annually, a rate nearly twice the job growth rate in other industries. In 2014, there were over one million IT jobs listed throughout the country, a growth of 28% over the year before. When you open a New Horizons franchise in the United Kingdom, you will benefit from this growing industry as the rapid growth encourages students to study IT, creating a large and qualified labor pool. Indeed, nearly 100,000 students were enrolled in computer science degrees during the 2014-2015 school year, nearly 17,000 of whom were working toward post-graduate degrees. You can maximize your UK franchise when you hire these qualified individuals for entry-level or management positions. In addition, these new IT jobs will likely require some training, which your New Horizons franchise can provide.

Nationwide Connectivity

Because technology is growing at such a high pace, many cities throughout the UK have established initiatives to improve connectivity in order to be more competitive on a global scale. One notable initiative is the Glasgow project, which is a huge project that is increasing digital coverage throughout the city, including improving broadband connections in key sections of the city with speeds of 100 mbps. This project, called the Digital Glasgow Project, is typical of many cities that are looking for ways to attract businesses. New Horizons franchises in the UK will fit in well with the country’s general focus on connectivity.

Investing in a New Horizons franchise in the UK is a great way to grow your existing business or get started on a new one. Because the country as a whole is seeing so much growth in IT, your New Horizons franchise will have plenty of opportunities to build a clientele. Indeed, because New Horizons is already a recognized brand worldwide, your UK franchise will be able to take advantage of the existing clients and connections. If you are ready to invest in this exciting and growing industry, click this LINK to learn the first step in opening a franchise in the UK.


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