Nottingham, England

Why invest in a Nottingham franchise?

Are you looking for the chance to be become a part of the┬ádynamic information technology industry? Or perhaps you already own a business in the industry and you are looking to expand? Either way, the way to maximize your knowledge of technology and business management is to invest in New Horizons, the computer education business that is known worldwide. We are looking for someone to expand our business by opening a New Horizons franchise in Notthingham. The city’s dedication to improved technology is evidenced by its innovative approaches to expanding connectivity. As technology is such an important part of our lives, the industry is rapidly growing and opening a New Horizons franchise in Nottingham is a good way to capitalize on that growth. Keep reading for more details about franchising in this vibrant city.

Technological Innovation

Technology is what connects all of us and it is becoming an increasingly important part of our personal and work lives. In an effort to keep itself relevant on a global scale, Nottingham has invested in the Better Broadband for Notthinghamshire programme. This programme’s goal is to improve connectivity in the area by building on the fibre based broadband that has been introduced in recent years. The Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire programme is a partnership between the national government and several commercial internet providers and takes advantage of the national initiative, “Broadband Delivery UK” or BDUK. This programme has been unfolding for several months, and additional sites were added in May 2016. Through this programme 98% of Nottinghamshire will have access to high speed fibre network by 2018.

Rapidly Growing Industry

Because technology is such an enormous part of our lives, the industry is growing at all times. Not only are individuals using technology in more aspects of their everyday lives, but businesses in nearly every industry depend on computers and functioning technology. New Horizons computer training centres are the perfect way to assist businesses in any field maximize their efficiency. Because we are already an internationally recognized name in computer training, complete with a client list of large worldwide companies, opening a New Horizons franchise in Nottingham will come with built in name recognition. Your Nottingham franchise will benefit from the reputation that New Horizons has for customer satisfaction; indeed, we are ranked in the top 5% tech companies by that measurement. Additionally, franchising with New Horizons sets you up with an automatic network of support from our proven corporate system. We are sure to provide our franchise owners with the training and operational support that they need to maximize their business.

Perhaps you already own a technology training business and you are looking to expand with a franchise in Nottingham. If that is the case, opening a franchise with New Horizons, rather than franchising your existing business, provides you with all the benefits we listed previously. On top of that, you will be multiplying your revenue streams and minimizing competition in the computer training industry, more fully cornering the market in your area.

Nottingham is a quickly growing tech city in the UK and as such provides an ideal location for a New Horizons franchise. As connectivity expands and improves, your Nottingham franchise will benefit from the government’s dedication to its businesses and residents.

If you are ready to open your New Horizons franchise in Nottingham, click this LINK and get started right away.