Leicester, East Midlands England

Why invest in a Leicester franchise?

Are you looking for the opportunity to own a business? Do you want the stability and support of an established corporate network? Are you hard-hardworking and ambitious? If you answered yes, look no further than New Horizons, the computer training franchise that is nationally recognized for excellence. Our industry leading franchise system is a great way for you to maximize your business potential! Leicester is the ideal city to invest in because of the city government’s serious commitment to providing the residents and businesses in the city with the highest quality broadband access available. Upon gaining access to this high quality broadband, the workers and individuals of Leicester have a lot to gain by learning how best to utilize the technology in their lives, which is where your New Horizons franchise comes in. Keep reading for more details about this growing city and why a Leicester franchise is a good business decision.

High Speed Broadband

Technology is imperative in modern day businesses, which is why the government on national, county, and city levels is dedicated to bringing high speed broadband to all the areas of the UK. In Leicester County, this high speed internet access is considered critical for the continued economic success of the region. Indeed, in order for economies of any size to remain viable, the businesses need to be able to operate online. Leicester’s broadband initiative aimed at utilizing the most advanced technologies to bring this high level of connectivity to every part of the county by the end of 2015, with at least 90% of households and businesses affected. They accomplished this via a series of partnerships with public and private sectors, including volunteers and educators. As the high speed broadband has come into effect, technological literacy is imperative for local and national businesses to fully utilize the high speed broadband that is available to them, which is where your Leicester franchise comes in.

Important Industry Growth

Technology is one of the major components that makes our society globally connected. Because of the prevalent use of technology in both business and personal lives, we can communicate with people we have never met at speeds never imagined. This growth resulted in the ICT industry being important in nearly every other industry, as businesses across all fields depend on computers and functioning technology to do nearly everything. The person who rings up your groceries, the teller at the bank who deposits your money, the mechanic who checks the oil on your car all depend on computers to work. That is why investing in a New Horizons franchise in Leicester is such a smart business move. All businesses need their employees to understand how to efficiently use the technologies at their fingertips in order to efficiently do their jobs. That’s where New Horizons comes in: as a computer training center, your Leicester franchise can help businesses train their employees and introduce new systems with ease.

One major benefit of investing in a New Horizons franchise in Leicester is that our brand is already known for excellence. Indeed, we have been named in the top 5% of businesses in our field for customer satisfaction. That means that not only do our corporate clients love the work we do, but our individual clients—those who are studying to join the ICT workforce—feel they received quality training. In addition, we have an established clientele from businesses across the world, some of whom may have local offices in Leicester that can become clients of your franchise.

Investing in a New Horizons franchise in Leicester is an easy decision to make. The city’s dedication to technology is evident, and New Horizons makes it easy for our franchise owners to get started on the path to success.

If you are ready to take the leap to maximize your business potential, click this LINK and get started on your Leicester franchise right away.


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