Cardiff Capital of Wales

Why invest in a Cardiff franchise?

New Horizons, an industry leading computer training franchise, is looking for someone smart and ambitious to open our newest franchise in Cardiff. Cardiff is an ideal location to open a New Horizons franchise, as the city has demonstrated its dedication to expanding high quality technology and internet to every corner. As part of the Superfast Cities programme, Cardiff has seen an enormous increase in connectivity. In addition, the ICT industry in general is expanding, which provides your Cardiff franchise with plenty of business from the word “go.” Keep reading to learn more about why opening a New Horizons franchise in Cardiff is the best career move you can make.

Superfast Cities

In an initiative by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, the UK government introduced the UK Broadband Delivery Unit, which includes a series of projects aimed at increasing connectivity throughout the nation. As part of this, the government was offering vouchers to pay for lightning fast wireless internet. Qualifying businesses could receive these vouchers to help them add value to their products and services, as high speed connection makes helping customers and clients easier and faster. The programme is now suspended due to the fact that it was so popular that all the funding was utilized. The success of this programme is indicative of the government’s dedication to helping cities in the UK, including Cardiff, continue to grow and compete in our technological world.

Existing New Horizons Presence

As one of the premier computer training corporations, New Horizons has a worldwide reputation for excellence. Indeed, our customers are so satisfied with our products and services that we are ranked in the top 5% in the entire industry. Our worldwide brand recognition will help you when you open your franchise in Cardiff, as many major companies will have already heard of New Horizons. In fact, many major businesses that have local offices in Cardiff may be inclined to switch from utilizing our services remotely to visiting your franchise in Cardiff. Not only will your franchise benefit from the existing New Horizons clientele, but word of mouth recommendation can take you a long way.

Additionally, your Cardiff franchise provides essential computer training to individuals who are looking to enter the robust workforce of the ICT industry. As more businesses in every industry rely on technology, ICT professionals are in higher demand than ever before. Through our certification programs, your Cardiff franchise will help the members of your community develop their skills to improve their careers.

New Horizons is an amazing company to invest in, with its built in brand recognition and worldwide clientele. A New Horizons franchise is a perfect fit in Cardiff, as the city is continually advancing its technological presence.

If you are ready to get your business started, click this LINK to learn the first step in opening a New Horizons franchise in Cardiff.