Ottawa, Canada

Why invest in a New Horizons franchise in Canada?

New Horizons is excited to announce our plans to expand our computer training franchise in Canada! Technology is what connects the world, and proper use of technology can make a difference to businesses who wish to remain globally competitive. In addition, individuals seeking careers in the growing field of computers and technology need certification to land the many high-paying jobs available in the industry. That’s where New Horizons comes in. Our state of the art computer training facilities can help businesses and individuals get ready to operate in a global market. Canada is working to expand access to technology and the internet, through an organization called Shared Services Canada. Indeed, this expansion is working, as we already have a functioning franchise in Canada, offering training and certification to people in the Greater Toronto Area. Keep reading for more details about opening a New Horizons franchise in Canada.

Shared Services Canada

In an effort to compete on a global scale, the Canadian government has partnered with Shared Services Canada (SSC) and other representatives from the IT industry to make technology accessible and functional for the government. SSC has four main priorities: “Improve the delivery of IT infrastructure services. Consolidate and modernize the Government of Canada’s (GC) IT infrastructure. Secure the GC’s data and technology assets. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of internal services.” These goals, laid out in the most recent meeting of the SSC and the Canadian government, will help SSC continue to improve the ICT industry nationwide. Though these goals are tailored directly to the government, they have an affect on ICT throughout the country. Your franchise in Canada will benefit from the improved infrastructure that is created through the work of SSC. Indeed, as the government improves the technologies for its own use it makes them more effective overall. This is evidenced by the Connecting Canadians program, a $305 million initiative that is bringing faster, extended broadband to communities nationwide, with a focus on rural and remote areas.

Existing New Horizons Presence

We already have a New Horizons franchise in Toronto, one of the largest metropolitan areas in the nation. The Toronto franchise trains individuals for certification and careers as well as offers trainings for corporations. When you open a New Horizons franchise in Canada, you will be able to expand this already impressive legacy. Because New Horizons is in the top 5% of companies offering computer training many companies utilize our services. Your Canada franchise can utilize this brand recognition to establish a large client base. Indeed, many large companies already use New Horizons services and local offices are likely to patronize your franchise when you open.

When you invest in a New Horizons franchise in Canada, you are investing in a proven business and automatic brand recognition. With its internet and infrastructure expanding to all parts of the country, Canada is the ideal place for a computer training franchise. If you are ready to expand your existing business or get started on a new one, click this LINK to find out the first step in opening a New Horizons franchise in Canada.



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