Why Invest in an Edinburgh Franchise?

New Horizons is the technology training franchise that prepares people to enter the technology job market. We are looking for someone to help us expand our business by investing in a franchise in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Edinburgh’s expanding economy makes it a prime location for an IT training franchise. Not only will New Horizons prepare the citizens of Edinburgh—and the surrounding areas—for jobs in the ever-growing IT sector, but a New Horizons franchise can train employees of technology dependent organizations.

Edinburgh’s tech economy has strong government support to thank for its rapid expansion. Such support will be a great benefit for a New Horizons franchise as it helps the industry as a whole.

Growing Tech Economy

It is no secret that technology is one of the most important and fastest growing industries in Scotland. Investing in a New Horizons franchise in Edinburgh allows you to take advantage of this growing industry while preparing people for the job market.

Just how much is technology growing in Scotland? For one thing, GVA (gross value added) in technology grew by a whopping 58% from 2010-2014 to the tune of £378 million. In addition, technology employment expanded by 23% in the period between 2011 and 2014. This growth continues as technology continues to dominate every part of our work and personal lives.

Government Support

Home to an ancient university, Edinburgh already has a culture of education that is so important to New Horizons. Adding to the university’s intellectual presence is the support of the Scottish government in the form of TechCube.

TechCube rejuvenated a wilting tech scene in Edinburgh by investing in office spaces, networking opportunities, and mentoring support for technology companies. Such support has allowed for the huge growth mentioned above.

Indeed, the government support is a boon for a New Horizons franchise, because the greater number of technology companies, the better the industry. In addition, more technology companies in Edinburgh means that more people will need technology training from New Horizons to prepare themselves for the job market.

An IT franchise opportunity in Edinburgh does not come around every day, so act now! Learn more about our amazing opportunity and get started on your franchise today.