Why Invest in a Cape Town Franchise?

Cape Town is the biggest technology centre in South Africa. Known as the Silicon Cape—a play on Silicon Valley in northern California where companies like Google and Facebook are headquartered—Cape Town has all the infrastructure that an IT training franchise needs.

Investing in a New Horizons franchise in Cape Town is a way to bring the necessary training to those who wish to join this thriving industry.

The Silicon Cape

As one of the two biggest cities in South Africa, Cape Town is a center for the nation’s economy. In particular, Cape Town has emerged as the leader in technology on the African continent, not just in South Africa. Indeed, commonly called the “Digital Gateway to Africa,” Cape Town is uniquely suited to technological advancement.

Cape Town’s technological prowess is no accident. A non-profit called the Silicon Cape Initiative has worked toward establishing technology companies in the city. The Silicon Cape Initiative is made up of members of the technology community, so it is an organic organization that meets the needs of its members.

By remaining organic and community-based, the Silicon Cape Initiative has been able to help the tech economy grow in Cape Town. As the owner of a New Horizons franchise in South Africa, this tech economy will be essential to your IT training franchise.

Concentration of Tech Jobs

Due in large part to the influence of the Silicon Cape Initiative, more technology startups are headquartered in South Africa than anywhere else across the nation. Indeed, 59% of the startup companies in South Africa are located in Western Cape. The province with the second-highest number of startups is Gauteng, with 29%.

This high concentration of tech jobs in Cape Town has good news for a New Horizons franchise for two main reasons. First, the citizens of Cape Town who wish to join the workforce in the technology industry need IT training to become qualified. New Horizons specializes in IT training, which helps these people to find quality jobs.

Second, tech companies may require training for their employees, which New Horizons also provides. Owning a New Horizons franchise in Cape Town allows you to fill these needs in the community.

Cape Town has so much to offer a technology franchise that the decision to invest is a no brainer. If you are looking for the chance to own your own business, investing in a New Horizons franchise in Cape Town is the way to go.