There’s no question that the industry for education is growing at an accelerated pace and that businesses are in need of corporate training solutions to keep their companies modern, efficient, profitable, and innovative. This means they need to stay productive and on top of the newest software and programs.

Virtual live online learning facilitates productivity through continued learning investment. A lot has changed over the years in regards to employee training and education. New Horizons is an employee education franchise with numerous locations globally, offering solutions that empower employers, institutions, and organizations across the world in both instructor led onsite and independent virtual solutions. Here is an in-depth look at the evolution from learning in a physical classroom to the virtual model.

employee education franchise

The Rise in Demand for Education

In recent years, coinciding with globalism and global markets, there has been an explosion of growth in education. An increasing number of countries across the globe have accelerated commercial growth activities by utilizing the exponential growth of data and technology available in modern markets. As companies have become so competitive and complex at the same time, industry and education sought to bridge the gap between skills and trade in the modern world. Most developed nations have implemented plans to reform, optimize, or grow education and training opportunities to compete. As a result, employee education franchise opportunities became a natural enterprise development.

The Beginning of the Virtual Classroom

The early cloud computing era, along with advancing computer chip technologies, gave way for the expansion of I.T. in a big way in businesses, organizations, and institutions. Universities, technical schools, and community colleges, for example, began working with companies to create virtual classrooms for various courses. This inevitably led to complete online programs, even campuses, which allowed students to take single classes or even complete all their schooling online.

The Continued Growth of Tech and the Need for Education

The growth of technology has taken the world by storm, leaving the people growing up just a few decades ago in awe at the exponential growth of the industry. The education industry has played a vital role in the development of technology as well, which enabled and positively positioned the employee education franchise model to become a valuable resource to corporations, small and midsize businesses, and other organizations.

I.T. is growing in virtually every sector of the global economy. As the amount of data and complexity grows in these markets, the need and demand for virtual live online learning solutions continues to grow as well. Business processes and operations are vitally dependent upon the systems and solutions provided through technology and it’s also important that employees must keep pace with these changes in technology.

The Growth of the Employee Education Franchise

The parallel growth in education and technology has created amazing opportunities in the world for students, business owners, entrepreneurs, companies, and entire industries. An investment in an employee education franchise has become a solid opportunity to provide a much needed service to a particular community. Contact us to learn more about how you can open up your own franchise with New Horizons and fill the need for an employee education franchise in your area.