The Networked Classroom

The Networked Classroom

No time to travel for further education? No problem: A new digital training solution bridges the gap between learners and coaches, practically over all distances.

A few workstations, a flipchart, a beamer and a desk for the trainer: classrooms look similar around the world – no matter whether pupils are preparing for exams or adults are undergoing further education. One thing is common to all classrooms: If you want to learn something, you have to be there. Not so with the Connected Classroom developed by New Horizons.

The training solution of the internationally active Computer Learning Center promises to combine the advantages of traditional classroom training with local independence. As a Gold Microsoft Partner, New Horizons offers more than a dozen seminars around Office, Windows Server, Azure, System Center, SQL, and more. Participants in the seminar are not the only ones who can take part in the classroom training session. Together with the participants are those from one of the 17 German New Horizons training centers on the ground, home offices and the workplace. Even with the distance, you always have the feeling of being in the middle and not missing anything.

According to Nils Gutsche, Managing Director and owner of New Horizons, Connected Classroom combines the advantages of the training solution “Online Live” with the advantages of traditional classroom training. The trainer does not sit with the participant before a computer, but sees his participants, is always in motion and receives immediate participant feedback – be it via chat or in direct linguistic exchange. “This creates an innovative, evolutionary training solution with a real classroom feel.”

All New Horizons Centers across Germany take part in the scheduled classroom training in parallel with a center that organizes the training. The trainer on the ground is connected to other classrooms by means of a live circuit. As a seminar participant, you are a part of a group of several learners in this Connected Classroom. All participants interact constantly with the trainer as well as among themselves via modern video and sound technology. They follow the training content and implement the learned skills by practice-oriented exercises – either individually, or with the help of the group or the trainer.

The classroom, which is partly digitized in this way, solves the troublesome problems of interruptions and distractions. After completion of the training, each participant receives six months of access both to the recording of the training and to the lab environment in order to be able to repeat the training contents at any time. “Detention” thus becomes a matter of sustainability – a voluntary matter.

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