Programming Languages for Cryptocurrencies

The programming language you choose for cryptocurrencies depends on the features and functionalities you want in your cryptocurrency. Any programming language that is widely supported, and has a wide and active community to support development can be a good choice. To have a strong foundation, it can be beneficial to first learn C++ and then use another language such as Perl, Python and Java to create a cryptocurrency. It is important to use a language that is compatible in active crypto environments.

C++ is all you need to know to begin coding and build your customised features in a cryptocurrency.[i] The developer of Quark cryptocurrency, Kolin Evans says, “In coding the most complex steps may be related to how complex you plan to have the individual parameters of the blockchain.” Apart from that, anyone with some C++ skills can make their own cryptocurrency. Here are three most popular crypto platforms that have or are making their mark:


A well-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is written in C++. It has an active development community, and a test console app (GerogeKimionis/BitcoinLib) that allows you to build a blockchain app in just a few minutes. You can also seek help from the free book Programming in Blockchain in C#. The book is available in pdf, mobi and epub versions.


This blockchain development platform has support from companies like Microsoft. It allows developers to code in C#. This unique feature of Stratis offers a world of possibilities to app developers and others. Stratis will soon launch their breeze wallet, which is expected to revolutionise privacy in transactions.


Ethereum is an open source, blockchain-based platform for applications that run exactly as programmed without the risk of fraud, censorship, downtime and third-party interference. These apps run on a custom built blockchain, which helps developers to create markets, store registries of debts and move funds according to instructions given in the past.[ii]

Ethereum offers multiple programming choices. They have different client implementations built in C++, Go, Python, Java and more. There’s Solidity, a new programming language for writing smart contracts on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) using which you can build:

  • A puzzle-based cryptocurrency
  • A tradeable token with a fixed supply that can be used as a currency
  • A central bank that can issue money

These tokens use a standard coin API so that your contract is automatically compatible with any wallet, contract or exchange that also uses this standard. The number of tokens can be set to a fixed amount or fluctuate based on any programmed ruleset.[ii]

Top 10 Programming Languages for 2017

There are hundreds of programming languages, both old and new. Here are the programming languages that made it to the top 10 in 2017[iii]:

  1. Python
  2. C
  3. Java
  4. C++
  5. C#
  6. R
  7. JavaScript
  8. PHP
  9. Go
  10. Swift

Tips for Creating Your Custom Coin

When developing your own cryptocurrency from scratch for the first time, the following tips can come handy:

  • Write the code – Writing the code is one of the primary steps that you must think carefully about. Choose the programming language based on the specific features and functionalities you want in your cryptocurrency.
  • Establish your goal – Decide the use of your custom coin and how far you would like to take it.
  • Establish benefit to users – How would your users benefit from the new coin. Specify and list the benefits.
  • Look for vulnerabilities – After you’ve done coding, dig for vulnerabilities like a hacker.
  • Set personal deadlines – Since you are most likely working alone, set personal deadlines for each part of the project to keep yourself motivated.
  • Seek help – By interacting with the developer community, you can get helpful tips to troubleshoot problems and improve your cryptocurrency.
  • Write an elevator pitch – To grab the attention of investors, write a short and precise elevator pitch that explains your cryptocurrency in 60 seconds.

The most common programming languages used to create a cryptocurrency are C++, C, Java, Python and Pearl. Though for programming with crypto technology, C or C++ can be used, for GPU programming you may use OpenCL or Cuda. Cryptocurrency is expanding rapidly and is believed to be used for trading bonds, stocks and other financial assets in the future. The future of cryptocurrency is rich; literally.







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