Education is not a one-size-fits-all discipline and there are many paths to learning in the modern world. Some people get an associate degree with an applied science, some opt for bachelors, masters, doctorates, etc. Others continue through their career with certifications, and in some cases, certifications are mandatory. Many more people decide to acquire degrees and continue to become certified in other areas where necessary or beneficial for their career.
Many employers and organizations, large and small, are also seeking candidates that have some form of certified training in specific skillsets to perform the essential duties required of a particular position. So the answer to this question is a mix of both, but a modern approach to learning with IT courses and certifications is a cost effective and intuitive experience worthwhile and can have an impact much quicker.

IT courses and certifications

An Educational Franchise Opportunity Focused on IT Courses and Certifications

New Horizons is a company that has built its foundation on helping others learn through training on IT courses and certifications in alignment with a number of partners including Microsoft, Cisco, and many others.

This educational franchise opportunity is a chance to provide a much needed asset to a community of developers, administrators, IT managers, executives, sales and marketing teams, or any other number of personnel from various industries that use IT products and services. That is a potential to reach a lot of prospective customers from small and midsize businesses to large scale enterprise clients. This franchise has been involved in training at locations across the globe, from North and South America, to Europe, Asia, and Africa, operating on six continents globally.

Training Results and Measurable ROI

The bedrock of any investment made by a business is its ROI, or return on investment. An educational franchise opportunity like New Horizons is a chance to help businesses compete by providing real world training with the most up-to-date solutions, software, and procedural guidance available in the world of IT. With an exhaustive list of IT courses and certifications available from the training franchise, there are plenty of ways to enable businesses to get the ROI they are looking for and measure the results of their efforts in training.

With instructor led courses onsite combined with opportunities for virtual classrooms that allow an independent, yet collaborative environment for learning, the flexible and affordable programs are set up to train and certify as many potential clients as possible in a variety of platforms.

Training in Top Technology

There are many courses offered in the curriculum, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Technical, Cisco, Information Security, VMWare, Cloud Computing, and many others. Training in any one of these particular technologies will help countless types of companies, organizations, and institutions improve their operations. This will lead to quality relationships built on trust and value.

The value that an educational franchise opportunity like this can bring to a community is unparalleled. The investment will pay off for those that have strong networks in the community, a knowledge of business and IT, ambition, and a passion to lead and guide others to reach their goals. Visit our website to learn more about New Horizons franchising opportunities that you can take advantage of today!